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Koki gets interviewed by Friday!

Koki: Maybe it’s strange considering the way things came to be but, it’s a huge beloved place in my heart. Because I did it for more than ten years, it’s a place I loved very much.

A Friday reporter caught him on his way home.

Koki: I can’t discuss it at length but…

At this moment, since you’ve been discharged, what are you thinking?

Koki: Maa, because I’ve been a huge bother until now, it can’t be helped.

When you say a bother, to who?

Koki: The Jimusho, members, fans, family, everyone.

FRIDAY spoke about the tattoos, bar management, DJing, relations with women and nudes here.

Koki: I behaved like a spoiled child. The Jimusho would protect me, the members would protect me and I took advantage of it. Although I wasn’t Johnny’s like, fans still liked me. So I became spoiled and took advantage of it.

What was the one thing that caused the jimusho to give you an ultimatum?

Koki: I think it was the accumulation of all the trouble that I caused. I broke too many rules.

Because they were too strict?

Koki: But it’s the same no matter where you are in show business, not because I was “Johnny’s” or “KAT-TUN”.

I understand that KAT-TUN has become four members

Koki: The only thing I can think to say to the members is “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry”. In regards to work, because I respect the members, those four will be fine, I think. I’d be happy if the KAT-TUN without Tanaka could sell more than before. I apologize greatly to the fans, but please support KAT-TUN from here on out too.

Are you going to keep in touch with the members or the company?

Koki: Right now, I’m not. The chief manager mailed me. My hindrances don’t have to do with the other members so please take care of KAT-TUN for me.

You intend to continue being a performer?

Koki: Because it’s negative(?) I think I can do something little by little. I would like to do multiple aspects of performing but that’s not an easy thing to do. Because of that I guess I’ll do something with music first.

Will you be able to make a living without KAT-TUN?

Koki: I want to reassure my parents that my younger brothers are performers too, and I want to return to the position of respect that they had for me. Worries are worries but still I feel I have to say something. At any rate I’ve only known showbiz since I was 12.

Translator’s Notes:
As always I’m not perfect at Japanese and this is not a word-for-word translation. I suggest comparing translations if you’re unsure of anything here.

another version of translation here
Japanese source here
credits 1, 2

Koki's a sweet guy, I'll miss him
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