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11:41 am - 10/19/2013

Voice Actor Kenichi Suzumura's 10th Single "All right" PV

Lantis has posted a short promotional video for voice actor Kenichi Suzumura's 10th single "All right" on its official YouTube channel. 39-year-old Suzumura made his debut as a voice actor for Morley in the Macross 7 TV anime in 1994. He is best known for his voice works for Shinn Asuka in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Sogo Okita in Gintama, and Soular in Fresh PreCure!. Popular anime voice actress/singer Maaya Sakamoto is his wife, they married in August 2011. So far he has released 9 singles and 2 original albums as a solo singer. His 10th single "All right" will hit Japanese stores on October 30. In commemoration of the release, Lantis will hold a special talk&live event at Tokyo Dome City Laqua Garden stage on October 26.

princess_momo 20th-Oct-2013 01:37 am (UTC)
This is better than ONO Daisuke's hot mess a few weeks back.

Like, much better.
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