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Becky in a relationship with EXILE's MAKIDAI!? (Shukan Post)


News about the making of a mega couple has just broken out. Becky (29), touted as the most likable talent with over 10 regular programs under her belt, has apparently had some changes in her lifestyle as of late.

"We've been receiving a lot of eyewitness reports lately, all claiming that Becky has been going out on dates with EXILE's MAKIDAI (37).  They were rumored to be an item for quite some time now, and Becky apparently wants everyone around her to find out about this and make it official. She doesn't make any more efforts to hide it." - (showbiz agency representative)

This is a rarity for Becky, as she has been a "scandal virgin", even if she's already been in the industry for 14 years. She has declared that her work is her lover and that she doesn't want to have a relationship because she doesn't want to disappoint her fans. So what made her change her perception? It was apparently the marriage of her best friend Aya Ueto to EXILE's leader HIRO.

"Becky was the one who acted like the cupid between Ueto and HIRO. And when she's with Ueto and her husband, MAKIDAI, who's very close to HIRO, would also be there. The two just got to spend more time together, which has apparently blossomed into a romantic relationship." - (showbiz agency representative)

MAKIDAI's real name is Daisuke Maki. He's been in EXILE from the beginning, and also acts, models, and hosts.

"He is one of the most popular members of EXILE and is widely active across various fields, as he's even the image model for Armani. He's also an elite member in society, being the son of a major electronics company executive who was even a director of its subsidiary. MAKIDAI himself is actually pretty reliable. MAKIDAI only had romantic reports with Jun Hasegawa in the past and might actually be a good match for Becky, who has done so well to protect her image for so long." - (a different showbiz agency representative)

And Becky was seen next to Ueto beside the stage at EXILE's concert at the end of September.

"Becky even said on one program recently that 'Everyone around me sees me as a woman with nothing of that sort (romance), but I'm already 29 so of course I have one (a boyfriend)'. The staff were surprised at the declaration this scandal virgin just made. It's the same as announcing to the world that she's in a relationship and telling the gossip magazines to 'take a picture of me'. Could it be that she's already thinking of marriage?" - (TV station insider)

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