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Fangophilia – Interview & Behind the Scenes Video

Fangophilia Custom Molded Jewelry, Tokyo (1)

To say that Japanese accessory brand Fangophilia makes “custom” or “one of a kind” body jewelry is an understatement. In the words of the brand’s founder Taro Hanabusa, “Fangophilia creates body extension accessories through careful molding to the individual parts of the human body.” Melding Hanabusa’s personal interest in body modification with his self-taught silversmithing skills, each of Fangophilia’s signature pieces is handcrafted to fit the wearer – and only the wearer. To celebrate the release of Fangophilia’s debut lookbook, is proud to present an exclusive making-of video and interview with founder/designer Taro Hanabusa.

Source: TokyoFashion (More photos at source)
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