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Curumi Chronicle - The "Social Network" Technopop Idol


Curumi Chronicle is a 16-year-old girl from Osaka, Japan. She may seem like your typical Japanese high school girl, but behind her “girl next door” look and shy personality, we have a technopop rising star. Curumi is under independent label PAV Records and produced by USAGI DISCO, who uses a production technique very similar to that of Terukado (producer of Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny) and Nakata Yasutaka (producer of Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and CAPSULE). You could say she’s mainly influenced by Saori@destiny and Aira Mitsuki, as she shares a very similar style in music, also for following their footsteps, like performing on the streets. Not only that, but she’s actually a fangirl herself! (Here's an image of Curumi with Saori@destiny, and one of her attending one of Aira Mitsuki's recent live shows.)

Performing “Kagayake Sorairo Shoujo” and “Susume! Susume!”

So what’s behind her stage name? Perhaps Kurumi is her real name, and with social networks such as her YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Ameblo, etc, Curumi “chronicles” her career to become an idol. With this concept, it seems that Curumi hopes to gain popularity with the power of social networking by showing her true colors. She recently held her first live, which shows us her shy personality and her already adoring fans! Curumi Chronicle is set to release her eponymous debut album on November 13, that’s less than a month away! You can hear a preview of the album on the video below. You can also check out her official YouTube for more longer previews of songs from the upcoming record, and not to mention more cute home-made videos of Curumi.

Curumi might just be the little ray of sunshine that the technopop idol scene so desperately needed, as it seemed it was in its dark ages with the hiatuses of many acts, especially with the retirement of Saori@destiny. Hoping for a strong debut for Curumi Chronicle and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. You can pre-order her album now over at CDJapan, HMV Japan, and Amazon Japan.

Source: Sora to Kujira, YouTube


YASSS. I am SO ready for this! Already pre-ordered her album!
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