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Saeko in a relationship with Shinji Kagawa!? (Shukan Post Seven)


It seems like there's no stopping model/mama talent Saeko's (26) momentum 1 year and 10 months since her divorce from Yu Darvish (27).

She was caught on a date with Darvish after their divorce once, but after that, she was seen with comedian Yoshimi Tokui (38) of Tutorial on a yakiniku and strawberry picking date. After that, she was also spotted with horse jockey Yutaka Take (44) as they headed into the VIP room of the Tokyo Racetracks.

"In Take's case, he was originally Saeko's fan, and he was the one who aggressively pursued her. He even used his precious rest days to spend time drinking with her. The normally cautious Take didn't mind other people whenever he met with Saeko, so I'm sure that he was pretty serious about her." - (horse-racing staff)

Saeko continues to make men fall head over heels for her despite being a mother of 2, a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. And there seems to be another person who has fallen for her. That is "National football team member Shinji Kagawa (24). Everyone in the showbiz world is talking about how she was able to get another big one." - (showbiz representative)

Saeko once declared on a talk show that her eldest son idolizes Kagawa and wants to play football. "That was probably Saeko's way of sucking up to Kagawa. Saeko herself says that they're just friends, but Kagawa's apparently the aggressive one who wants to meet up with her everytime he comes home to Japan." - (showbiz representative)

A major leaguer, the face of Japan's equestrian world, and a Manchester United player... Why are all these big names so attracted to Saeko?

"Saeko's got beautiful, white skin which would really make anyone who sees it want to touch her. I heard that she had a private nude photoshoot in Hawaii last year, and her breasts were some of the finest ever seen. And whenever she's at drinking parties, she keeps saying things like, 'I've been pictured in the nude' or 'I'm pretty confident about my chest', which draws the attention of the men towards her. And Saeko has no money problems whatsoever, and doesn't even want to marry yet. She's not the one who imposes on others to go steady with her, which makes the men want to chase after her." - (Saeko's acquaintance) 

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