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Internet reacts to attractive otaku: “Hot guys should be banned from watching anime”

Meet Yuya Uchida, part-time employee at Animate, a Japanese chain of large-scale stores that carry a full range of anime and manga-related merchandise. Lately, Yuya has been getting a lot of attention from the Internet and other media for his surprisingly good looks! This anime-loving ikemen (hot guy) is breaking the otaku mold and capturing the hearts of women across the nation. Can a guy be allowed to keep his nerd cred when he happens to be such a looker?

According to online sources taken from TV entertainment programs, Yuya Uchida is a 24-year-old student studying medicine at Osaka University, which just so happens to have the second-best medical studies program in the Kansai region. He is 183cm (about 6ft) tall and is currently employed at the Osaka Nipponbashi branch of Animate. His hobbies include anime, fighting games, and cosplay.

But watch out ladies, because this glamorous guy is also a heart breaker! Since starting work at Animate, Yuya has apparently heard love confessions from more than 40 customers. Outside of work, he’s simply lost count!
Here’s what Japanese Netizens had to say about Yuya’s existence as an attractive otaku:

“Suddenly…I’m hooked.”
“Wow! What a hottie! I’m a dude, but I wanna be his friend”
“I can’t win against that.”
“He’s got a great aura about him.”
“Hot guys should be banned from watching anime!”
“I want his genes.”
“40 people! What are you, a manga character?!”
The general consensus was that Yuya is truly gifted with good looks and that life, overall, isn’t fair. The guys that didn't just want to kick his ass at fighting games, basically wanted to be him, while a majority of the girls wanted to be with him. Although, we wouldn't be surprised if his contract with Animate says that he has to stay single. Otherwise, they might lose a large number of their lovestruck customers!

▼ Acutely aware of their customers’ attraction to hot nerds, the Animate in Ikebukuro actually has posters in the stairwell displaying their most attractive male staffers from across the nation.

Tags: anime/animation, japanese culture

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