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Arashi Remain Supreme for 4th Year in 『オリ★スタ』 Favorite Artist Ranking 2013

In the latest issue of Only★Star magazine, they revealed the results for their annual “Favorite Artist Ranking” where Arashi remained supreme for four consecutive years. 20,000 readers have voted and here are the rest of the results:

[『オリ★スタ』 Favorite Artist Ranking 2013]

1 (1) Arashi

2 (2) Ikimonogakari

3 (3) Mr. Children

4 (4) Fukuyama Masaharu

5 (5) yuzu

6 (8) Utada Hikaru

7 (6) B’z

8 (7) Southern All Stars

9 (out of 50) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

10 (9) Kobukuro

11 (16) Namie Amuro

12 (11) Spitz

13 (10) Porno Graffiti

14 (out of 50) Momoiro Clover

15 (14) Perfume

16 (15) YUI

17 (12) Aiko

18 (18) Kuwata Keisuke

19 (20) EXILE


*number in the bracket shows their last year position

Arashi managed to keep their top spot with their live concert DVDs (Arafes 2012 and Arashi Live Tour Popcorn) monopolizing Oricon’s half-year DVD ranking in 1st and 2nd place. Moreover, their last two singles also managed to hit the number one spot in singles ranking.

In addition, there’s not much change with the Top 5 ranking as compared to last year’s ranking.

onlystar and oricon via jnewseng

As expected of Arashi. But the real winner here is Kyary
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