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Ando Lloyd episode 3 drops to 13.2%, Kurokouchi drops to 9.2%

Ando Lloyd's (Sunday-9pm) ratings have dropped from 19.2%→15.2%→13.2% in episode 3.
Kurokouchi's (Friday-10pm) ratings have dropped from 12.0%→11.2%→9.2% in episode 3.

Damn, that bombed bigtime www
KimuTaku's totally washed up already.

Well, the Japan series probably took all the ratings away

So the Hanzawa effect is over as well, huh...
The numbers that we will be seeing from now on will be indicative of that drama's true potential.

Looks like it can even drop down to single digits.
Has KimuTaku ever gone below 10%?

End of KimuTaku kita━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

I can't believe Kurokouchi is this low.
It's undoubtedly much more interesting than something like Ando Lloyd.

>> Both Kurokouchi and Lloyd are dramas that should only be getting single digits
>> Even I who normally doesn't watch dramas find Kurokouchi good
>> Nagase's evil role in Kurokouchi is good. The problem really lies with Gouriki. I stopped watching because of her.

Next up for him will be another mainstream love story

All these Johnny's talent dramas have been wiped out.
Looks like the general public is even allergic to them now. Only Jani-wotas watch them. No one wants to see acting that's on the same level as those school plays.

I think that this drama is still getting 13% thanks to KimuTaku

It's actually boring and cheap w
It's something that should be broadcast late at night.

Pinning the blame on KimuTaku with this sort of script is too harsh w
>> But KimuTaku's one of the guys who gave the go signal for this script.

If he felt that the story would be going nowhere then he would've said something, and doing that is pretty easy considering the kind of authority KimuTaku has.

You'd pity a newbie with no authority at all if he plays this role. But I can't sympathize at all, especially with someone of KimuTaku's class.

You can actually say that he's the biggest goat here.

Can't be helped, the drama was up against baseball with Ma-kun pitching after all.

Latest episode ratings for main dramas (NHK, TV Tokyo, and late night dramas not included)

23.1|Doctor X

18.5|Legal High
17.0|Aibou 12
13.7|Kasouken no onna
13.2|Ando Lloyd
12.4|Ms. Pilot
12.4|Umi no ue no shinryoujo
11.6|Dokushin Kizoku

*9.3|Yorozu uranai dokoro onmyouya e youkoso
*7.8|Tokyo Bandwagon
*7.7|Keiji no manazashi
*7.2|Danda Rin
*6.6|Honey Trap
*6.5|Kazoku no urajijou
*4.7|Otto no kanojo
**.*|Toshi densetsu no onna(wait)

>> Legal High's 1st episode had generally bad reviews, but episodes 2 and 3 were good. It's actually being reflected on the ratings, huh.

Looks like doing a cyborg story for a serial drama was like stepping on a landmine

It would definitely flop with this kind of contents.
They should have already seen it coming when they were still in the planning stages.

Lloyd should get single digits once. At least it'll be convenient for the other dramas getting low ratings so they can use it as an excuse.

I think it held its own pretty well considering that Ma-kun was on the other channel. But then again, there's no guarantee that it will recover next week.

Ando seems to be going for a bit more comedy.
Kurokouchi is good.
Nagase's dramas mostly have bad ratings but there are a lot that will draw you into them once you watch them.

So when will KimuTako stop doing these kinds of roles? If he himself, along with the people around him, still thinks that it's fine to keep taking this path then they're pretty dumb.

15.3% 19:00-19:58 NTV The! Tetsuwan! Dash!!
17.2% 19:58-20:54 NTV Sekai no hate made ItteQ!
12.7% 21:00-21:54 NTV Gyouretsu no dekiru houritsu soudanjo
14.1% 22:00-22:30 NTV Oshareism
13.0% 22:30-22:56 NTV Ariyoshi Hanseikai

20.3% 18:30-21:58 EX* 2013 NPB Japan Series Rakuten vs. Giants (game 2)

So NTV who's been doing good and Ma-kun took the ratings away, huh.

Autumn dramas are pretty hard.
It's not the time to do love stories that will build up until the end of the year. There are dramas that will eventually turn bad with crappy cast selection and scriptwriting even if the idea is good.

Looks like TBS used up all of the savings that it made with Hanzawa wwwww

Nevermind Legal High, it even feels like Ando-san will lose to Dokushin Kizoku...

You seriously can't go with SF flicks in Japan. But the problem here isn't even with the plot itself. I think it's about time KimuTaku played evil roles.

Kou Shibasaki buying a chainsaw and trying to destroy KimuTaku who was recharging felt totally like a gag scene...... w

Kimu-san feels like he's hanging by the skin of his neck thanks to Shibasaki. He probably would have died here if he was alone.

An unorthodox love story using a 40-year-old actor is gross. He'd be able to play the parent of a high schooler already, when the heck will he stop playing these handsome 20-somethings?

There's no doubt that this project is crappy, but there's also a problem with Johnny's since they're not letting him play roles that are more age-appropriate.

It's not a role that's supposed to be played by a 40-year-old man.

I actually enjoyed Lloyd until the previous episode, but it suddenly got boring with yesterday's episode. The story didn't feel like it made any progress at all.

But Kurokouchi is good.
That's what I thought as well about Harachan.

Maybe he should stop wearing those strange glasses. KimuTaku who just sold owing to his visuals and atmosphere just looks plain ugly in them, thanks as well to his age.

Good for you guys, looks like these dramas with Johnny's, AKB, and Gouriki are all bombing.

I get the feeling that Ando will eventually drop lower than Kurokouchi

Too bad, it could actually be Gouriki's first drama which can be called her defining role

So will we finally see the day that KimuTaku gets single digit ratings? Or will he be able to hold on to double digits?

I think he'll still manage to keep it up to double digits.

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