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Arashi's "LOVE" concert tickets invalidated due to online auction

J-Web - Arashi 2013.10 (1)

It has been revealed that some tickets for "ARASHI Live Tour 2013 LOVE" concert tour have been found in auction sites. The winners of the said lottery tickets will have their tickets cancelled due to contract violation.

On October 28, a special page was updated on Johnny's net site addressing the subject of winning tickets' cancellation. In addition to cancelling the tickets, the ID of those fan club members has been used to find more re-sellers and buyers.

As for tickets down, 63 were of the Nagoya Dome performances (10/18~10), 53 of the Sapporo Dome performances (11/5~7) and 51 of the Osaka Dome performances (11/22~24), making a total of 167 tickets so far.

According to Johnny & Associates concert department, buying and selling tickets violates the membership agreement and resale or transfer is banned, the agency and members have made several warnings about this and in August of this year, they finally decided to revoke tickets in the hope of changing this behavior. They will organize a re-draw and the cancelled tickets will be offered in a new lottery for the rest of the fanclub members.

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