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Takizawa Hideaki and Takaki Yuya in new police drama


On October 28, it was announced that Tackey & Tsubasa's Takizawa Hideaki (31) will have a leading role in FujiTV's New Year Drama Special "HAMU -Man of the Public Security Police Force-" (Friday Prestige Frame). This is the first time Takizawa participates in a police drama, his work this time is both mentally and physically challenging, as an agent his work includes dismantling organizations with the Ministry of Public Security.

He has never played such a demanding role on television, that includes gun handling and many action scenes. Takizawa's request was fulfilled, "When this work is finished, I'd be able to show a new side of me. I've always wanted to challenge action scenes and working in this drama is a dream come true in a way".

Takizawa plays the role of Natsuhara Shinji, a lieutenant of the Public Security Department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Although an excellent agent of the Criminal Investigation Division, he is suddenly ordered to move to another division, but Shinji has a strong sense of justice and even though he is proud of working as a police officer, he tries to investigate a strange matter within the Ministry of Public Security. Because of his concerns, he tends to walk away from co-workers and feels deeply troubled. In addition, his fiancee died 3 years ago killed by a stranger, and the offender has not been caught yet. A character with a dark shadow following his heart.

Natsuhara then ventures into the forbidden records of the department. Soon, he discovers a complex situation, that is even related to the death of his fiancee. Takizawa added, "What is justcie for you? This drama works with this message so please stay tuned". The cast includes a kouhai of Takizawa, Hey! Say! JUMP's Takaki Yuya (23) playing the role of Nanbu Hirotsugu. In addition, Ozawa Yukiyoshi (39), Toda Naho (39), Kashiwabara Shuji (34), Harada Natsuki (29), Jinnai Takanori (55).

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