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Ex-AKB Sayaka Akimoto releases her photobook, reveals her inferiority complex

Ex-AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto (25) released her 1st photobook Ari no mama at Shibuya's Tower Records.

In the book, she opens up about her inferiority complex of having a Filipina mother and a Japanese father, saying: "I may be a halfie, but it's different from being half-American or half-British. It was really hard to say that I'm half-Filipino".

"I kept thinking 'What am I?' for 7 and a half years while I was spending time together with all these other idols like Mayuyu and Yuko. But I am able to stay active and have work because of my shoulder width that's bigger than anyone else's in AKB, and my muscles. I cherished these traits as these define who I really am." "Now I am proud when I say that I'm half-Filipino, and I hope that I can give give a helping hand to everyone else who are half-bred and is in the same situation as I was, and people who have no confidence".

And with her graduation from AKB48 last August, she is now freed from the "no-relationships" rule. She was asked at the event if she has "found love", to which she replied, "Nothing has changed at all." "Maybe, if I meet someone nice". About her type of man, she said: "I'm a really troublesome girl, so I'd like someone who can accept that, and people like those persistent goats".

"I may look like a herbivore, but I actually like carnivorous men who are like meat rolled in cabbage leaves. Like the ones whom you send 1 text message to but reply with 5." She smiles and follows this up with: "I'm the type who totally gets absorbed in a relationship. If I fall too much in love with a person, I might not be able to work anymore".

Akimoto has also declared that she will try her best as an actress. "It's true that Yuko has stimulated that feeling in me. We've spent our youth together each and every single day in AKB, so I think that both of us have something to offer as actresses".

AKB mixed-breed list
Yuko Oshima - America (quarter)

Sayaka Akimoto - Philippines

Rina Hirata - America

Erena Saeed-Yokota - Pakistan

Manami Oku - Italy

Haruna Hasegawa - Philippines

Yukiko Kinoshita - Spain

Yukari Yamashita - Philippines

Makiko Saito - Philippines

Kayla Yogi - Brazil (quarter)

Airi Taniguchi - Philippines

Anna Murashige - Russia

Asuka Saito - Myanmar

Seira Miyazawa - France (quarter)

>> LOL, there really are a lot of Filipinas, huh
>> I didn't know that AKB had this many mix-breeds
>> I heard that Kojima's a quarter

I always thought she had deep facial features, so she was a halfie?
This is my first time knowing it.

Don't blame your own weakness on others if you think you're being discriminated

So she's being discriminated but she still gets to become one of the main members of a popular idol group. I see.

A beautiful half-Filipina, or an ugly pure Japanese.
Which would be the one who'd be discriminated?

There's nothing wrong with her, but in Kamata and Kawasaki of the Kanto region, you see a lot of couples like an old Japanese man together with a Filipina.
If you imagine that a Japanese woman didn't give a damn about the man and he was accepted by someone from a Philippine pub then honestly, you'd look down on them.

>> And she knows that, and is precisely why she feels inferior

Japanese people have a complex for white people, it can't be helped

She's beautiful, who cares

Well, it can't be denied that everyone's already got this image that Filipinas are wives of these old guys who aren't popular with women. And that's actually true.
I think that they're a race with a lot of cute girls even in Southeast Asia, but people normally avoid them for the reason said above.

I think she's nice and that she looks exotic.
She actually looks like an international model.
She should be more confident and work hard!

But when you hear Philippines, all you imagine are the girls working in Philippine pubs who marry these ugly old Japanese guys so they can stay in Japan.
Am I wrong?

>> At the very least, 80% of people think that way

But Filipinas are cute.
They used to be an advanced nation, you know?
80 years ago.

After hearing that mixing your own genes with entirely different genes from a different race will give birth to stronger and excellent DNAs so I actually welcome the idea of half-breds.

On the other hand, if you mix your genes with a similar gene, like in the case of incest, then I heard that it would be more prone to irregularities and weaknesses.

That's because the Philippines has a relatively bad image,
what with the illegal labor cases and prostitution.
I hope she works hard to lift the image of the Philippines up.

>> Agreed.
It's true that there's a bad image pinned to the Philippines in general. But you yourself have the ability to change how people see you, so there's no problem at all.

It's true that people will think that the Filipino partner is only after the money or the nationality when they get married. It can't be helped that those children will be looked at with a bias.

There's no reason whatsoever for the Japanese to hate on and bash Filipinos

Her face is a bit off but she's got a hot body so I don't dislike her

That kind of discrimination really exists, especially in the showbiz industry.
Some talents have to hide it, unlike the half-Europeans or Americans (must be their agency's policy).

That isn't good.

Regular Filipina beauties

I stayed in the Philippines for 2 years because of work, but the people there are really friendly and cheerful, I like them all. Both men and women.

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