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AKB48's latest single 'Heart Ereki' sells over a million copies in one day


Popular idol group AKB48' 33rd single "Heart Ereki" (released on October 30) sold 1,021,000 copies on the first day of sales.

This marks the group's 14th consecutive million-selling single (15th in total) since "Sakura no Ki ni Narou" (released in February 2011).

With this single, AKB48 has set a new record for the number of consecutive million-selling single, breaking B'z' record (13 consecutive singles) after 17 years and 5 months. Also, having 15 million-selling singles in total ties B'z' record.

Kojima Haruna who served as the center for this single, made a comment, "When I received a mail from Akimoto-sensei that said 'Kojima would be the center.', I thought it was a mistake. I even thought it was a spam mail or something like that, but I am truly happy that I was able to take the center position for this honorable single. We will work hard to be able to meet everyone's expectations, so please continue to support us."


This is fun. They still can sell this amount despite the prediction of haters/non-fans that AKB is currently in decline. I think people forgot that during the time of Million-selling singles, downloading is not yet common and now people would not want to waste money on some CD with CHEAP package. IF this madness continue until next year they can gain the title for the girl idol group that has the longest peak (4 years) since as of now Akb's downfall was still unknown and their future is still unpredictable. AKi-P knows how to play the game.
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