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Completion screening event of movie "Roommate"

The completion screening event of movie "Roommate" was held at Shinjuku Wald 9 on 30 October which was attended by cast members Kitagawa Keiko, Fukada Kyoko and Koura Kengo. The suspense-horror film will be shown in cinemas from 9 November and features Kitagawa and Fukada as friends who later fall out and Kitagawa's character is horrified to find her good friend being more than who appears to be after they meet a man played by Koura.

When the media asked the ladies about their kiss scene with each other, Kitagawa said that it was the first time she had kissed a woman and she was quite nervous about it. She commented shyly that Fukada's lips felt very soft and the latter gave the same compliment in return.

Source: Sanspodoramaworld
Tags: actor/actress, kitagawa keiko, movie

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