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Which is Better at Rapping, Tanaka Koki or Sakurai Sho? Rap Expert Weighs In

The following is completely translated from a blog post on Johnny's Watcher and does not reflect my opinions.

Between Sakurai Shou and Tanaka Koki, which excels the most at rapping? An analysis by a Hip Hop expert brings expected results.

While the strife caused by the cancellating of Tanaka Koki's contract is calming down, currently on the net the topic of "Who is better at rap, Tanaka Koki or Sakura Sho" has been gaining fire again.

So ultimately, which one is better?

Quoted below [from article]

 In the first place, when it comes to rapping, what kind of individual traits do Tanaka Koko and Sakurai Sho possess? This topic was brought up to the Hip Hop website HIP HOP JOURNAL'S editorial department.

"I feel that Tanaka Koki has a preference for Japanese rap. With the punctuating and rhyming of each bar, there is a very Hip Hop style rhyming that defintely comes from the influence of DABO and ZEEBRA. When you look at his freestyle, you get the impression that he knows how to have fun with Hip Hop. There really isn't anything new or original about his flow or rhyming, but he definitely has the attitude of doing rap seriously, and it is reflected that he has an immense liking for Hip Hop.

On the other hand, Sakurai Sho's rap definitely has a different appeal.

With Sakurai-san's rap, you can feel the condensing of the words. Therefore, it can seem that he is simply speaking fast in some parts [as opposed to actually rapping].However, that may be due to the fact that he does work as a newscaster. He has expresses himself well and his rapping is easy to listen to and distinguish. He may not have the type of rap that will give an impact with just one song, but as a person who likes the major scene type of rap of Dragon Ash, it is really easy to get on with.

Sometimes in new songs, there are parts in which Sakurai Sho will aggressively show the attitude of "I will show you what idols can really can do!"

"From a Hip Hop point of view, those parts are defintely interesting. Because they both write their own lyrics, those points definitely have merit value. However, since both of their orientations tend to be seperated from major rap, it is not an issue of which one exceeds the other, but which one you like or don't like. Isn't there a tendency for people who prefer hip hop to like Tanaka-san, and people who prefer pop to like Sakurai-san's rap? At at any rate, I don't think that they both have such existances as to be replace by one another to easily."

[Real Sound]

So, both have their own strongs points and there was the exact omission as expected. In reality that's how it is so there's really no way around it. For people who prefer Hip Hop, lots are here and there about the technical skills of Johnny's Talents. There are both people who like them and people who don't like them.

As for their technical merits, most people don't have interest in that part except those particular enthusiasts.

And thus comes the conclusion.

Both Sho-kun and Koki-kun's rapping is pretty cool individually!

By the way, on KAT-TUN's new single "Kusabi" to be released on November 27, Koki-kun's vocals seemed to have been cut.

Of course we wanted to hear the final vocals, but with this there is no choice.

Since the Tanaka spoke of the core of his musical activities, we are highly anticipating what kind of performance he will be giving as a rapper.

It would certainly be nice if he were to be able to do activities with the well respected ZEEBRA.

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