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On his Bday, Tanaka Koki has Opened Twitter!

He followed his brothers, and his brothers retweeted him

Bio: Domo, I’m a Hyphen. Start from the minus. I have to look forward and convey a face suited for everyone. It’ll be a tough road from here. I’ll do my best when tasting the sour and the sweet. Earnestly, as a gentleman..

5 Nov 13
So since it seems there’s a lot of people pretending to be me, and I hesitated to start using Twitter, I started this because I wanted you to hear it from my mouth.
First, I’m sorry I’ve been a bother to so many people.
And disappointed so many others.

05 Nov 13
Thanks Everyone.
Kind words.
I'm hiding and crying.
Even though I was uneasy about
starting Twitter.
Thank you so much.
By the way, I'll be rooting for my
friends as the number one HYPHEN.

5 Nov 13
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to keep my promise.
Please protect my number one loved place.
I thought “Since I have to face forward from this new year”, I’ll start Twitter.
Incidentally, I hope you’ll be able to support me.

5 Nov 13
My eldest brother and Hyouga really gave me a surprise.
I really love you.

05 Nov 13
I really want to respond to everyone
But I don't really know how yet
From overseas to Japan thank you so
I was crying while reading all of these
For various adult* reasons the words
couldn't be published to HYPHENS
I'm happy that I gathered the courage
To start Twitter

05 Nov 13
I'll listen to Hyouga more about
how to use Twitter
I can't only say "thank you" and "I'm
There are pros and cons, I
Even if harsh things are said, I have
to accept it, still I wanted to convey
my words directly to everyone.
I'm tired from crying for the time
being. Tomorrow I'll 'nau**'
everyone again.

credits here and here

*Hyphens is the name given by Koki to KAT-TUN fans

editing the post, sorry having a hard time w/ tablet
Tags: talent, twitter

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