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Rino Sashihara: "I'll do a photo book and surpass Santa Fe" (Shuukan Jitsuwa)


Rino Sashihara dropped a bomb on TV Tokyo's new late night program Sashihara no Ran.

"Sashihara said on the program that she wants to come out with her first photo book since there is something that 'she can only sell now'. She said that 'I'm salary-based so things like these help me out the most', stating that she's looking for the high amount of income she'll be receiving from doing a photo shoot. When she was asked what kind of photo book she wants to do, she said 'Santa Fe. It's Santa Fe, yeah, Santa Fe', repeating the name of Rie Miyazawa's legendary nude photo book which was released in 1991 and sold over a million copies." - (TV writer)

 They showed how they were negotiating with publishing houses and photographers, and it seems like they're seriously going for a nude photo book. Not only this, there was also a risqué proposal revealed in the program.

"Sashihara said that she'll also do 'seaweed shots'. That must mean the use of seaweeds to hide her vital parts. They were also talking about shells on the October 16 episode of the program. They even talked about the seashell bikini worn by Kumiko Takeda once." - (Idol writer)

These remarks have lit a fire in some of the AKB members.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

"Full nudity is still a 'forbidden fruit' which no one in AKB has ever taken a bite of. But there was already some talk among representatives that Yuko Oshima will go nude in a movie or in a photo book in the near future when she graduates and break the taboo. After hearing Sashihara's statement, Oshima told her close friends that 'she'll be taking her clothes off first before Sasshy does'." - (showbiz pro executive)

And people still associate Sashihara with her scandal in June of last year. Because of that, she was "relegated" to HKT48, but there's talk of another scandal coming out.

"There are already a number of media outlets who have their targets set on a new Sashihara scandal. Even Sashihara's camp is also expecting some sort of news of that manner to come out soon. If that happens, they might really plan on marketing her again by making her go nude. The problem is if Oshima will just sit back and let Sashihara do as she pleases." - (AKB-related staff)

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