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Is the new Koki Tanaka on Twitter finally the real deal?

Profile message
Hello, I'm a hyphen member. I'm starting from the negative here. I have to start looking forward. I can't face anyone if I don't express myself. It will be a tough road from here on out. I'll nourish myself with everything, be it sour or sweet, and do my utmost best. Gentlemanly, honestly...

* It seems that there are a lot of people pretending to be me, and I really pondered on whether or not I should start using this kind of tool, but came to the conclusion that I should since I wanted the words to directly come from my mouth. First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone I caused trouble to. There might even be some people who got disappointed in me. And all you hyphens...

* ...I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep my promise. Please keep on loving the place that I loved the most. I thought that I should keep staying positive in this new year for me so I started using Twitter. It would also make me glad if you could support me as well.

* That was a surprise from the eldest brother and Hyoga. Thank you. I really love you guys.

* Thanks everyone. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm hiding myself and crying. Thank you. I was really worried about using Twitter, but thank you so much. And I will be the number one member of hyphen and cheer my comrades on.

* I really want to reply to everyone but I still don't know how to use this, sorry. From across the seas all the way to Japan, I really thank you all. I'm reading everything as I cry. There were a lot of 'adult circumstances', and that's why I couldn't even say anything to the hyphens. And so I mustered up all my courage and started using Twitter.

* I'll ask Hyoga to teach me how to use Twitter. Sorry. All I can really say is thank you and sorry. I know that people will have mixed reactions to this. I know that I will have to face and accept harsh criticisms, but I really wanted to relay everything myself. I've gotten tired from all the crying, so I'll once again post "NAU" to you guys tomorrow, ok?
Koki Tanaka @koki1105t

What's "hyphen"?

What does KAT-TUN's hyphen mean?? KAT-TUN fans, please enlighten me.
"-" (hyphen) refers to "all the fans". Koki-kun said at the end of the NMP DVD that "Can you guys remain as hyphens forever?"★

Looks like he's full of himself

Is this for real?

It must be another impostor...

But this grossness means he's the real thing
>> The younger brother Hyoga Tanaka's retweeting him so it's probably authentic

I get the chills when I imagine what he's like when he was taking this picture

But he doesn't have the Johnny's brand attached to him anymore so this guy's done for

Maybe it's better if he stops since people will be slandering him

So he's showing that he's crying and his tears can't stop falling, etc.
This guy truly has the qualities to become a true blue Twitter user.

So KAT-TUN fans are called hyphen.
There was also the pa-mas* right?
NEWS fans, was it?

* (pana. パーマ or pa-ma means permed)

He's not with Johnny's anymore so how does he intend to keep active?
I don't think Johnny's punishment is that lax to let people like him get carried away.

This guy reeeeeeally is an airhead. But I really believe that he isn't evil deep inside.
It's just that he's stupid.

KAT-TUN are more ikemen than Arashi, and they all have good style, but they lose to them in approachability and amiability

Let's ignore how cheesy the tweets are for a moment, at least it seems like he can write proper sentences

I can't get myself to hate this guy. Even Ogi Yahagi said that all his co-actors like him.

He's someone you can't really hate w
But what the heck is up with hyphen w

True, his attitude doesn't feel shi++y compared to other Johnny's talents

"It's all too easy since you can fool all these Jani-wotas with something like this www"

This guy's actually a good guy.
I saw him at a concert and he shook my hand.
He was kind and was nice.

I'd be impressed if this younger brother's twitter account is an impostor too

He's a good guy, but he still doesn't cut it as a professional.
Same with Ebizo.

What about the Tweet where he confessed he was gay, was that a joke? (Related post:http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-carnage-that-koki-tanakas-fake.html)

Is he really reflecting on his actions?
He's naked in his profile photo, though...

There's no way he's regretting his actions wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
This is what he did on Halloween, yo wwwwwwwwwwwwww

I wonder if he has apologized to Kamenashi.
I saw him on Kato's program and felt sorry for him.

He'll probably taste the true difficulties in society from here on.

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