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subARASHIki sekai

Mari Yaguchi photographed together with Kenzo Umeda by Shuukan Josei


Mari Yaguchi (30) was caught by Shuukan Josei on a date with the model she had an affair with.

Yaguchi got married to actor Masaya Nakamura (27) in 2011, but was discovered to have been having an affair with model Kenzo Umeda (25) in May this year. Her divorce with Nakamura followed soon after, and she had just announced that she will be going on an indefinite hiatus on her blog last October.

The scoop by Shuukan Josei was apparently only a few days after her last blog entry, as the couple went to a karaoke together. The publication also reports that they are living together.

Yaguchi's agency has confirmed that the two are in contact but has insisted that: "There is nothing further we can comment on".


Tags: celebrity sightings, model, yaguchi mari

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