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SKE48 members promote the group's new cellphone game

On November 12, 12 SKE48 members including Matsui Jurina (16) appeared at a press conference in Tokyo for their new CM for the group's cellphone card game "SKE48 Passion For You".

In the game, all 69 group members are students at a school for magic and they battle a giant demon.

When asked which one of her own strengths she would like to have intensified in the game, Jurina answered with pride, "My puns." She then promoted the game using a pun: "Even if you think this game is 'Geh, Muzukashii (difficult)' [in which the word 'game' and 'difficult' are combined], so please try it."


SKE is starting now to follow the path of their mother group. I believe soon they can sell more than 1M single too.
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