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Ishihara Satomi to play the heroine of drama SP "Shinzanmono Kaga Kyoichiro Nemuri no Mori"


Ishihara Satomi will take on the heroine role in the TBS drama SP "Shinzanmono Kaga Kyoichiro Nemuri no Mori" starring Abe Hiroshi which is due to be shown on 2 January 2014 at 9pm. She plays the role of a talented ballerina Mio who is the best friend of the suspect involved in a murder case. Despite having learnt ballet for two years during her primary school days, Ishihara had to undergo formal training by professional ballet dancer Kumakawa Tetsuya whose ballet company "K Ballet Company" is also taking part in this drama SP. Ishihara is due to take part in the ballet performances in the SP e.g. playing Black Swan in "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping Beauty".

With regard to the training, Ishihara commented that it was very tough but fun. She found the last scene of the SP especially memorable. Her co-star Abe also praised Ishihara for taking on such a difficult role and described her as a reliable partner to work with.

Tags: actor/actress, drama, ishihara satomi

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