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Erika Sawajiri reflects on her "betsu ni" statement

Actress Erika Sawajiri (27) was on Shuukan BS-TBS Houdoubu (Sunday-9pm) on the 17th and talked about her "betsu ni" incident in 2007.
At the presscon for her movie Closed Note, she was visibly upset as she answered the host's question with "betsu ni" (not really) as it turned into a PR disaster. For this show, she was interviewed by TBS broadcaster Koji Matsubara (52), and she reflected on her actions back then, stating: "No matter what situation I was in, the things I said up there onstage were not words that are supposed to be heard from a professional. I didn't consider what the children who held dreams as they wanted to watch the movie back then would've thought about that statement".

"I was still immature then, and I even thought that the actions that I took at that time were 'fine as they were'. Now, I can sincerely say that I'm sorry about that incident. This is really how I feel." When she was asked about what led to her responding that way onstage, she replied: "I just got fed up with it all. There were predetermined values which I had to abide by, such as 'this is how I should be' or 'this is how an actress should be', and 'I must act like this or that', and I just burst. I think that was one huge reason. I forced myself too much".

Sawajiri played the leading role in TBS' special drama Tokeiya no Musume which aired on the 18th.

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