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Minami Minegishi's spoof of the "Gouriki Dance", Gouriki's reaction, and Minegishi's apology

This was from the Mecha2 Iketeru! SP: The AKB Sportsfest. Ninety-nine's Takashi Okamura told Minegishi: "Your hair has grown longer." When Rino Sashihara said "Ayame Gouriki", Minegishi started dancing the "propeller dance", the dance step during the chorus part of Gouriki's debut single "Tomodachi yori daiji na hito". Okamura liked it and kept looking at Minegishi when something happens and would say, "The hair is like Ayame Gouriki's", to cue her dancing.

After the broadcast, this drew a lot of positive reactions on the Internet: "It's been a while since I laughed out this much from a TV show", "I'm in tears from laughing so much", and "Minami Minegishi's Gouriki dance was so funny".

Minegishi also did this at AKB48's handshake event the next day, as Haruna Kojima uploaded Minegishi's Gouriki dance, complete with the same get-up and all on Instagram and has similarly drawn positive reactions. With Kintaro's "Flying Get" also becoming a hit a while back, people will now be paying attention to what will become of Minegishi's Gouriki dance.

It's the first time I saw someone imitating Gouriki.
It never became viral around me.

It was funny.
But boy, she really was ugly. Then again, who cares if she had a boyfriend? No problems there.

LOL at how she did it over and over again

This was honestly funny.
And I liked how it looked slightly off from the original which increased its comedic value.
I liked how they're poking fun at Gouriki, even if it probably wasn't intentional. Maybe because I hate Gouriki.

I saw both videos, but I actually think Gouriki's dancing is much better
>> Gouriki has always been dancing.
It's just that she's made to sing a song with strange dance steps.

Well, it was funny

I think both Gouriki and Minegishi were made fun of here w

This was during the handshake event.
She spoofed the lunchpack commercial.

>> From the left
Tomomi Itano, Mayu Watanabe, Ayame Gouriki, Ai Shinozaki, Yui Yokoyama

A lot of people are saying that AKB are ugly, but this girl takes the cake.
But she's the funniest of the lot.

I hate this girl but I like how she made fun of Gouriki.
I don't know what kind of retaliation she'll be getting, though.

LOLing at how bad her style and figure is

Even if she does this much, the original Gouriki dance is still funnier

I never thought Gouriki-san was cute, but she actually does look cuter after looking at this girl w

To think that Gouriki-san loves AKB so much that she sings and dances to their songs on karaoke...
>> When she was together with Oshima in a drama, they used to sing and dance together while promoting that on programs

It was funny but this ugly girl was definitely poking fun at her

She even did it at the handshake event, and it seems like she's been polishing her act. w
It's funny so I hope she keeps on doing it.

They're just making some negative press for Gouriki.
I think they actually collaborated on this one.

It was honestly funny. I want to see it again.
>> I think this will become her "thing".
She'll probably do this in a lot of different places.

I saw the video, is she making fun of her?

Won't Gouriki's fans be complaining about this?
If someone imitates AKB stupidly like that, that person would get death threats w

Could it be that Gouriki's fans aren't as crazy as AKB fans? Or is it just that Gouriki doesn't have any fans?

Do Gouriki fans even exist?

Ayame Gouriki's video reaches 10 million views on YouTube thanks to Minegishi's spoof
Ayame Gouriki's debut song "Tomodachi yori daiji na hito" picked up heat once again, to which she rejoiced and said, "Is that really, really true!?".

The single which was released in July of this year is an up-tempo number dedicated to an all important person who is more than a "friend" to the singer. Thanks in part to the Mecha2 Iketeru special shown on the 16th where Minegishi imitated the "propeller dance", Gouriki's music video has now exceeded 10 million views on YouTube.

Gouriki's reaction to this feat was: "I'm really happy about this! Is that really, really true (lol)!?"
"The music video for the song 'Tomodachi yori daiji na hito' can only be played in Japan, but I'm really surprised that 10 million people in Japan have already seen it! This is all thanks to your support!", "I'll keep on working hard to bring smiles to your faces!"

LOLing at all the downvotes.
But isn't her dancing actually good?

>> It's so sharp and snappy, which actually makes her look more pathetic

Her singing voice sounds pleasant and the song itself is orthodox and fun.
Even the video has a lot of cheerdancing with backflips and stuff.
But what's with the 20,000 downvotes? www

I'm starting to think that she's a super duper nice girl
>> Me too, thanks to the segment on London Hearts.
TV sure is scary.

People are bashing her but I don't hate her

It's the Minegishi effect

But it was already close to 10 million views a while back

She didn't mention Minegishi's name so she must be mad

Gouriki-san's singing, dancing, and acting are better than AKB's.

This damn baldie just got herself another skit at the expense of poor Gouriki.
Won't her agency get mad at this?

We are the only ones allowed to bash Gouriki.
I can't forgive them for making fun of her like that on TV.

Minegishi apologizes to Gouriki for the "Gouriki dance" wwwww
That's so loose of them w
@ Miichan "We will be sending an email apology to Gouriki-san with a picture through Yuko" #DMM

Gouriki seems like a good sport so she might reply with a nice comment

Minegishi isn't my friend anymore~
She's now a person~ who's more important than a friend~

Gouriki: "Yuko is a *tomodachi yori taisetsu na hito"
* (a person more important than a friend)

>> Not Taisetsu, but Daiji

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