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2ch reactions on the participants for the 64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen


1st timers:
E-girls / NMB48 / miwa
Shigeru Izumiya / Chris Hart / Sakanaction
Sexy Zone / Kouhei Fukuda / Linked Horizon

Mariko Takahashi / DREAMS COME TRUE / Seiko Matsuda
T.M.Revolution / Yuzu

Ayaka / Kumi Koda / Mika Nakashima
Princess Princess / YUI / YUKI
Saori Yuki / HY / NYC
Kazuyoshi Saito / Hiroshi Tachi

Linked Horizon

LOL, all because of Shingeki no Kyojin*
* (Attack on Titan)

So Sexy Zone joins in place of NYC for the Johnny's Jr. slot, huh

Not much enka this year?
This is a program for the elderly, right?

>> Enka are the songs that the "elderly back then" listened to, when the elderly now were still middle-aged.
The elderly now are from the "folk songs" generation.

And I really don't understand why AAA is there every year

Maybe I'll just watch Sakanaction

Hm? That's weird.
Where's the name of Morning Musume? I thought they had their 2nd break this year?
And they even got consecutive 1st places in Oricon.
There really are mysteries.

>> Even if they are in there, they'll just sing "Love Machine" so there's no need for them to perform

It seems that there's not a single act to look forward to anymore

Those from major labels, big name celebrities whom they cannot cut ties with, AKB business model, Johnny's

The event in a nutshell.

It seems that anyone can participate in the Kouhaku these days, huh

Nana Mizuki seems to have secured herself a spot, huh?

I wonder what Sakanaction will perform w

>> Maybe "Aoi"? It's NHK's soccer theme song as well.

So Kis-My aren't on the show, huh? It seems that they've been selling quite well, too.

MomoClo-chan, congratulations!

Newsworthiness, melody, contribution to NHK.
I thought "Shiosai no Memory" fit all of these perfectly.
All I can think of is that Kyoko Koizumi withdrew from the event.

Hm? Why is there one less performer on the Red team?
>Total of 51 participants for the Red and White teams combined

>> A secret slot?
>> Won't Chris and Seiko Matsuda perform a duet?
>> Maybe the Amachan slot (Yakushimaru, Koizumi, babyraids)?

What's up with TMR?
Did he have a tie-up with NHK?
He hasn't sold much since "WHITE BREATH", right?

>> I think he should be in one slot together with Nana Mizuki

That's consistent of Ayumi Hamasaki, I'm anticipating that she'll do something right before the event to stir up some noise

The lyrics for Linked Horizon's first song was so childish so maybe he'll sing his 2nd song?
But this guy isn't too good live.

>> Those lyrics wouldn't have matched the story if it had normal lyrics. And when it initially got turned down, he just made it out of desperation and then got an ok. His 1st song seems like his defining song so maybe that's the one he'll sing.

What's with all these idols, are they stupid?

Will Linked Horizon sing
"Guren no Yumiya"?

>> Must be both, "Jiyuu e no Shingeki" medley

So Golden Bomber's performing, huh?
They were good last year.
They're like thin air though this year w

Hiroko Yakushimaru, Kyoko Koizumi, and the idols from the '70s-'80s won't be performing?
Or do they have their own slot?

>> A separate slot for 30 minutes

I'm surprised that Kumi Koda didn't make it.
I thought that she'd keep her position there thanks to Avex's pressure.

Oh, come to think of it, there's no South Korea slot, huh

Shingeki is too amazing
Manga sales - 20 million
CD - 200,000
DVD - 80,000
Isn't Eva the only other anime that has sold more than this in the past 20 years?

The increase of Johnny's slots is what NHK wanted

Oh noes, Gouriki didn't make it

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