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Thermae Romae II Film's English/Japanese Teaser Spoofs The Terminator

The official website for the second Thermae Romae live-action film began streaming a teaser trailer on Friday. The teaser has both English and Japanese narration voiced over the scenes.

Like the previously released poster, the teaser makes references to The Terminator films with a steel TII (Thermae Romae II or Terminator 2) logo. The poster's tagline reads, "I came back," a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger's catchphrase "I'll be back" in The Terminator and other films.


The second Thermae Romae live-action film will open in theaters across Japan on April 26. The date coincides with "Yoi Furo no Hi" (Good Day to Bathe). Hiroshi Abe is returning as the time-travelling bath architect Lucius Modestus along with Masachika Ichimura as Hadrian, Kazuki Kitamura as Ceionius, Kai, Shishido as Antonius, and Aya Ueto as Mami Yamakoshi.

Tags: actor/actress, aya ueto, film, lol, movie, teaser

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