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'Jejeje,' 'omotenashi,' 'baigaeshi,' 'imadesho' voted top buzzwords for 2013


“Jejeje,” “omotenashi,” “baigaeshi” and “imadesho” were the top buzzwords and phrases voted the most popular or influential in 2013 on Monday by a publishing company. Usually, one word or phrase is voted most popular but U-Can said this year it was awarding the title to four winners—the most since 1984.

“Jejeje,” an exclamation of surprise in the dialect of the Iwate fishing village of Kuji, was made popular by the title character in NHK’s morning TV drama “Ama-chan.” The catchphrase was featured in several books and soundtracks. “Omotenashi” (selfless hospitality) gained prominence after TV presenter Christel Takigawa used it in her speech before the International Olympic Committee on Sept 7. “Baigaeshi” means “double revenge” and was popularized by a TV drama about a bank employee trying to right the wrongs committed by the megabank, while “imadesho” (now’s the time) was coined by university cram school instructor Osamu Hayashi and became featured in TV commercials.

Other words that made the final 10 were “Abenomics, “PM 2.5” and “Black Kigyo.”


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