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Sanma Akashiya gets caught again by FRIDAY with a different AV actress

IMALU angered by her father's romantic relationship with an AV actress


Talent IMALU (24) revealed her feelings about her father Sanma's (58) alleged relationship with an AV actress (23).
IMALU sent in her comments to Fuji TV's Nonstop via fax and wrote:

"He's approaching 60, and I thought he's 'amazing!!' to get caught by FRIDAY with a girl in her 20s. I haven't heard anything from him regarding the previous incident and this one as well. Looking at the article, it doesn't seem like they're causing any trouble to anyone else so I don't particularly feel anything since I have been hearing a lot of stories about my parents since I was little. My father has the freedom to fall in love, and if he's serious, then I'm willing to root for his love no matter who she may be, however, there's a chance that she will become my mother so I'm planning to tighten my assessment of her!".

According to the program producer who called her, she was "extremely irritated and said that she can't accept that the partner is younger than her".

[the FRIDAY'ed couple in question..]

Sanma Akashiya's secret meeting with a girl who's 35 years younger
A month and a half since Sanma's reported date with a popular nudol (nude idol), FRIDAY has once again caught a beauty sleeping over at Sanma's place. The girl in question is another one of Sanma's "lovemates" (girls announced on 27-jikan Terebi who are liked by Sanma), AV actress Makoto Yuuki (23).


They got close to one another after Sanma visited the shop where she works. Sanma keeps on adding names to his list of girls even as he approaches 60. When asked who his real love is, he just said "Haruka Ayase!" and zoomed off in his car.


As she exits Sanma's house.
She came in at 11 during the night before and came out again at around 1 pm the next day.

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