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Iconiq closes her Facebook account due to slander and threats

Singer/actress ICONIQ will be shutting down her Facebook account due to slanders and threats that she has been receiving.

ICONIQ comments: "This is really sad. I did not start Facebook for this purpose." She wrote on Facebook that: "I know that people hold varying opinions of me, and I am grateful and well aware that it is natural that I will also be receiving scolding and harsh words. But it really pains my heart to receive all these hurtful comments and threats, and even involving totally unrelated people in this". "It will be impossible for me to keep using FB."

She will be closing her account on the last night of her stage play Merrily we roll along on December 8.

ICONIQ comments: "I am truly grateful to the people who have supported me until this day. I hope you all understand this selfish decision that I have made. I am truly sorry".


go to the source if wanna read some of anti-Korean shit from netizens, its sad she is closing her account due all the racism which basically killed her career along with mismanagement

miss u iconiq ;__;

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