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KAT-TUN's 'Kusabi' tops Oricon's weekly album chart

KAT-TUN's first album in a year and 9 months, "Kusabi" (released on November 27), sold 168,000 copies during the first week and topped Oricon's weekly album chart.

This is the group's 7th consecutive chart-topping album since their 1st "Best of KAT-TUN" (released in March 2006). Having topped the album chart with 7 consecutive albums since the 1st one, the group has the tied record with Utada Hikaru.

This album's first week sales also increased compared to their previous album "CHAIN" (released in February 2012) which sold 110,000 copies in the first week.

credits TH

KAT-TUN and their BAMF music deserves to sell more tbh
& bec Junno's hotness is off the roof

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