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Iconic Diva Tomomi Kahala and Tetsuya Komuro's collaboration at the FNS Kayousai 2013

Music Producer Tetsuya Komuro (55) and singer Tomomi Kahara (39) performed together again after 15 years on Fuji TV's FNS Kayousai.

After their performance of "I'm proud" and "I Believe", Kahara approached Komuro and said "Komuro-san, I'm sorry for causing you trouble all this time. (Tomo) will be able to look forward and walk on. Thank you for everything up to now. I really had a lot of fun today. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.", and covered her face with her left hand as she extended her right hand for a handshake. Komuro grabbed that hand, said something which made Kahara smile and say "Arigato gozaimasu!" once again. Komuro then released her hand and left Kahara who still had her head lowered. Kahara was left alone on the TV screen, and still seemed to carry some sort of sadness within.

Komuro produced Kahara from 1995. He provided support for Kahara both professionally and privately, and turned her into a star; but they went separate ways in 1998. Kahara didn't take this too well, and even attempted suicide at one point.


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