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So who should be cast in the live action adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin?

Following the announcement of the live action adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin, the Internet was abuzz as everyone had their opinions as to who they wanted to see portray which character.

For Eren Yeager, some people named Tori Matsuzaka, Takeru Sato, and his seiyuu from the anime series Yuki Kaji. For Mikasa Ackerman, some have been voicing out Kiko Mizuhara and Rina Ohta, while others are calling for Ayame Gouriki. Machiyama, one of the scriptwriters, was recommending Ai Hashimoto for the role on Twitter (which has been deleted).

The voice to use a foreign cast apart from Mikasa, who is the last known living Asian, is also pretty strong as people have been saying, "Can you really make Japanese people play the parts of the commanders, the soldiers, and Jean!?", and "Make foreigners play the part but dub their voices over with the anime seiyuus!"

There are also a lot of people predicting that some talents from Johnny's or AKB will be used as well.

The anime which started airing in April of 2013 has created a huge sensation, even leading to Linked Horizon, who provided the main theme song, joining the lineup of this year's Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Fans of the series have been steadily increasing, as more people are following this news closely than it was first announced two years ago.


Tori Matsuzaka

Takeru Sato

Yuki Kaji


Kiko Mizuhara

Rina Ohta

Ayame Gouriki

Ai Hashimoto

An uproar will ensue if Gouriki is cast as Mikasa

Just make sure it won't end up like Dragonball

Eren is actually Kamiki-kun's image

Should be Gouriki-san, no one else

Who benefits from the live action adaptations of Lupin and Shingeki?

Asians are a valuable race in the original, and they're going to use an all-Japanese cast!? ww Are they really stupid? ww

This might surpass Devilman ww
Hurry up and sell the rights to Hollywood before it ends up in a huge failure.

>> It will be solved if they turn it the other way around, saying whites are a valuable race and cast a halfie for Mikasa

I'd LOL so hard when an entirely Japanese-looking guy will come out and introduce himself as Eren, Armin, or Levi w

I definitely want to see Gouriki play Mikasa.
The Internet responses will be much more interesting that way.
Ah, of course I won't be watching the movie.

Machiyama will be writing the script? I get the feeling that they'll argue with him and split up.

So what will they do about the Maneuvering Gear? CG? Ziplines or wire action?
>> Might be something like the gatotsu

It doesn't matter whether Japanese or foreigners are cast, I seriously think it will end up like a gag

Meisa Kuroki can go ahead and play Annie, just step down as Fujiko

Are people really getting excited about Gouriki? I think everyone's just trolling around.
And Ai Hashimoto has been cast as the heroine for Kiseijuu so I don't think she'll be in this.
It's done by Touhou and will be shown by the end of 2014~2015, and is also a movie where human beings are the prey, so it will be too similar.

>> Well, Gouriki is one of those who definitely rouses everyone up once she's brought up on these live action adaptation threads

But they'll still end up using Gouriki, right?
She'll be showing her toned abs so just forgive her already.

I've lost so much will, I feel like I'm also losing interest in the original.
So how are they going to show all those Titans?
They should stay loyal to how the Titans graphically devour the humans in the original, alright?

>> Even in the US, they limit all those graphic representations to avoid the age restriction, so there's no point in Japanese movies restricting the viewers just so they can show all the gory stuff

The cast will just get bashed no matter who

I won't watch this.
My image will get destroyed.
I can already picture pathetic-looking scenes just by imagining this.

I'll be looking forward to this if Takayuki Yamada and Haruka Kinami will be in it

We have now established this flow than no one but Gouriki will be permitted

There are a lot of people around me saying that Maki Horikita should play Mikasa
>> Horikita would be nice. I think she'll fit that.
But I think it'll be Gouriki.

>> You're right. If a sane mind thinks, that's the only choice you'll come up with.

And for some reason, I can see these guys being cast:
Toshiaki Karasawa, Teruyuki Kagawa

The commanders should be small and should also be able to ride horses. So what about equestrians?
Like Yuga Kawada. Just dub over his voice w

Cast this guy as Armin

Both Eren and Mikasa should be in their teens. Don't cast grannies.

This guy should be cast for Levi to attract those fujoshis.

The scriptwriter Machiyama said that Ai Hashimoto's the only choice for Mikasa, right?
That's fine.

Atsuko Maeda?

Or Gouriki?

>> No way for Gouriki, but a bigger no way for Atsuko Maeda

I wonder which would require a higher budget, anime or live action?
If live action costs more, then I hope they just use that budget to make an animated movie.

It'll probably have impact when you see it on the big screen so I might go and watch it.
If it's live action, I won't see it 100%.

>> In Japan's case, live action movies are much more expensive. Most of it go to the on-location shoots and talent fees, though.
>> The reason why they're not doing an anime movie is probably because the production staff doesn't have the time, or they're probably waiting until the original manga has stocked up on content.
They might be able to do a summary of the events up to this point, but the current storyline can't be ended yet at a good point like the female Titan part.

>> Because making it into live action will make the general public buy the manga and anime versions as well.

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