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Flower to release their first album on January

22th January of 2014 will be the date of release for Fower's first studio album.

The group that debuted on 2011 will release an album that compiles all their singles and b-sides till the date minus COLOR ME UP! from the last single (Shirayuki Hime) ,plus two new songs: One not revealed yet and To Be Free!! It's the perfect chance for those who didn't want to spend the money on all their singles but still liked their songs to get them all in one CD. Hatsukoi version will be the non-acoustic one (the same as E-Girls' Gomennasai no Kissing You single).

The album will come on a CD-only version and a CD + DVD version. Then, there's a different bonus for those who purchase the album at the Sony shop. The shop it is said to work similar to mu-mo shop, for those who might be interested in getting the album from there and had shopped at mu-mo before.

The album will be titled as the group: Flower.


Versions: CD-only | CD+DVD
01. Still
02. forget-me-not~ワスレナグサ~
03. Untitled song
04. 太陽と向日葵
05. Fadeless Love
07. Boyfriend (Moonlight Version)
08. To Be Free!!
09. 恋人がサンタクロース
10. 白雪姫
11. SAKURAリグレット
12. 初恋
13. CALL
01. Still
02. SAKURAリグレット
03. forget-me-not~ワスレナグサ~
04. 恋人がサンタクロース
05. 太陽と向日葵
06. 白雪姫
07. 初恋
08. Documentary (30mins.)
CD-only version comes with a postcard (if purchased before 25 Dec.)
DVD version comes in a digipack, a postcard (if purchased before 25 Dec.) and a booklet
Sony Shop bonus:
A: Flower’s logo cellphone strap/earphone jack
B: Flower’s calendar

Sources: Flower official website | Team LDH
Tags: e-girls, exile, flower

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