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Ratings of Ando Lloyd episode 9 - 10.3%

Episode 9 of Ando Lloyd starring Takuya Kimura got 10.3% in the Kanto region according to Video Research.
Ep. 1 - 19.2%
Ep. 2 - 15.2%
Ep. 3 - 13.2%
Ep. 4 - 10.3%
Ep. 5 - 11.5%
Ep. 6 - 11.4%
Ep. 7 - 11.2%
Ep. 8 - 10.7%
Ep. 9 - 10.3%

Ave. 12.8%

I'm positive that they're padding these ratings.
They must be desperately trying to show that he's maintaining double digits.

Isn't it really just single digits?
Aren't they just showing double digits here?

Going below double digit ratings is forbidden!
>> This is nice.
I'm hearing this in my head with KimuTaku's voice.

Which means that I've been watching this damn shi++y drama every week without fail.

I find the split personality and romantic elements boring, but I like this show

I get the feeling that it will have high ratings during the finale, but it's still too low.
I never imagined that they'd get such low ratings even after casting KimuTaku.

I haven't been watching this, but if KimuTaku will go in the drawer of the desk, stick his thumb up and say "I'll be back" at the finale then I'll watch it.

In reality, it's probably been down to single digits since episode 5, right?

And it holds onto double digits once again.
Astounding perseverance.

So they still managed to hang on to double digits despite all of those scenes from Oshima, huh

Is it the first time that they're not having an extended finale in a KimuTaku drama?

Noo, I don't want to see KimuTaku sinking in a blast furnace...

If he still manages to get double digit ratings no matter what kind of show it may be, then you can at least include the ratings that he'll bring into consideration, so I think he'll still get to play the lead in serial dramas
>> This is really unsightly, especially since it came after Hanzawa
I'm not sure if you're trolling, but it'll be hard for both the sponsors and stations if you don't get an average of 18%

Just a while ago, people were saying that KimuTaku was done for when he went below 20%. Now it all depends on maintaining double digits, huh......

It must really be under 10, they must've padded this...

So KimuTaku doesn't just pad his shoes, but his ratings as well, huh?
Show me the ratings outside of Kanto.

But KimuTaku goes on Brunch to promote this almost every week

Why did they cast Oshima in this role that requires so much acting ability? I thought she'd just be the younger sister?

He may not have his old divine powers anymore, but KimuTaku still gets high first episode ratings so there's still a demand for him.

To think that Bassa's cuteness was the only thing worth watching.

Tonbi     17.0__16.1__16.0__12.0__12.8__12.6__12.9__12.6__18.3__20.3(F)._________15.06

Sora tobu Kouhoushitsu 14.0__13.5__11.6__11.2__10.6__13.4__12.1__12.1__12.5__11.7__15.3(F)._12.55

Hanzawa Naoki    19.4__21.8__22.9__27.6__29.0__29.0__30.0__32.9__35.9__42.2(F)_________29.07

Ando Lloyd..... 19.2__15.2__13.2__10.3__11.5__11.4__11.2__10.7__10.3  (12.56)

Could it be that Ando Lloyd will be the lowest Sunday-9 drama this year?

>> Hanzawa's really amazing for not going down even once w

> Co-stars Yuko Oshima (25), Kenta Kiritani (33), Tsubasa Honda (21), Mizuki Yamamoto (22), Kenichi Endo (52).

So Endo's the only actor with a distinguished career, huh.
And all the actresses are just idols and models, the ones categorized as bad actors.

>> And Tsubasa who's the worst actress is actually the only one who's getting positive reviews
>> The more he acts seriously, the more EnKen looks out of place.
I feel sorry for him.

But if you watch Yuko Oshima minus the prejudice that she's from AKB, it's not all that bad.
It's too hard since all 3 people in the lab are all such ham actors, though.
And weren't they able to cast someone more popular as the enemy?

I watched it. All the other actresses apart from Shibasaki are horrible.
On top of being ham actors, they keep saying these pathetic lines which adds more to it.
I think Kimu-san is working hard in this one, though.

No matter how you look at it, it's all the fault of KimuTaku's black-framed glasses.
It's already a failure the moment he chose that.

I took a peek at the last episode, and KimuTaku does seem like he's aged
>> KimuTaku who was recharging looked more like an old man taking a nap rather than an android w

That long hair that used to look so cool seems so filthy now, it really turns one off from watching him

Mirei Kiritani's really cute, but her cheap role as this "mysterious bishōjo" is so tacky

It must definitely be below double digits ww
Ratings manipulation is a part of our tricks nida www

>> KimuTaku 8%, Shibasaki 2%, Oshima 0.3%
No matter how horrible the story may be, I think these people at least possess these much ratings.

So KimuTakuroid gets destroyed every episode, huh?
He'll probably be burned in the furnace in the last scene of the finale.

Kiritani is the hardest one to bear among the actresses.
It seems like she's got an important role but her costume sucks, her lines are pathetic, she's a ham, she doesn't look cute, nothing's going right for her. She's contributing quite a lot to making the already cheap CG cheaper than it is.

He 's losing to Sakurai, and it looks like he'll even lose to YamaPi depending on the finale

2013 serial drama average ratings

12th 12.96% Kazoku Game
13th 12.65% Naruyouni naru sa
14th 12.62% Kasouken no onna (January)
15th 12.56% Ando Lloyd
16th 12.55% Sora tobu kouhoushitsu
17th 12.53% Summer Nude

>> But Sakurai bombed bigtime with Tokujo Kabachi (Sunday-9) w
That's such a low-level competition.

Yamato earned 4.1 billion in the box office but the movie itself was shi+e.
But KimuTaku is still KimuTaku thanks to the numbers that he brings along.
10.3% is a shocking figure.

It doesn't stand out too much thanks to the average ratings, but it's really on such a horrible level if it wasn't for Hanzawa.

It's not about his co-stars, the plot is just too forced. Even Kimura won't be able to get high ratings in such a crappy drama.

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