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Comedian and Talento Tanoshingo Charged with Assault Against Manager

Popular comedian Tanoshingo, who is most known for his variety show and drama appearances, along with his catchphrase, "Labu chunyuu!" has been charged with assaulting his manager. According to Yahoo News Japan:

It has been learned from an interview with investigation officials on the 11th that Yotsuya Station police headquarters is fortifying a plan to file charges of assault against comedian Tanoshingo, whose real name is Shingo Sato (age 34), for hitting his private office manager (in his thirties), and causing the manager injuries. After the incident, the manager is also under investigation for charges of extorting 1,000,000 yen from Tanoshingo.

Tanoshingo also has charges of hitting his manager multiple times and inflicting minor injuries on the morning of July 21 at his personal condominium. The same day was the Election Day for the House of Councilors election. When Tanoshingo’s manager did not wake him at the requested time to go to the voting poll, Tanoshingo’s attitude changed and he became angry, according to the testimony.

The manager became acquainted with Tanoshingo in the May of last year took responsibility for Tanoshingo’s schedule. After the incident, he withdrew from his position. The manager threatened to expose the incident of violence if Tanoshingo did not pay him money. The manager then received the sum of 1,000,000 yen. After that, the manager returned the money and filed the above mentioned damage report.

Tanoshingo is a member of Yoshimoto Creative Engine. He became popular because of his feminine character and “Labu Chunyuu” gag.


Translator's Comment: It's always the cute ones that go bad...
Tags: comedian, douchebag, japanese culture, scandal, talent, this won't end well

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