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What Women's Under Colors are Most Preferred by Men in Japan and Why?

Of the Women's Underwear Colors that Men Find the Most Tantalizing, the Colors that Come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Are...?

To men it is a highly exciting thing if their girlfriend wears their preferred color of underwear. As a woman, to see their boyfriend that excited is something that will definitely makes them happy. So accordingly, this time working men were give a questionnaire and asked to tell what color of underwear is most tantalizing when worn by women!

1st Place White……37.0

2nd Place Pink ……28.6

3rd Place Black……26.0

4th Place Red……14.9

5th Place Blue ……13.6

The various responses 6th place and over were omitted.

First Place, White

  • “Because it has a clean image.”  (31 years old/ electric appliances/ art industry)

  • “Because I think simple is good.”      (32 years old/ life insurance and damage insurance profession)

  • “It has the image of cleanliness.” (27 years old/ construction, public works/ profession dealing with office work)

The most popular color, white, had many who gave replies stating that it had a sense of cleanliness and freshness. Though there are women who stay away from white underwear because they collect filth that stands out, it might be good to keep a pair as “lucky underwear.”

Second Place, Pink

  • It is a nice color. A naughty color.” (26 years old/ metal, iron and steel craft/ art industry)

  • “I like feminine colors.”  (29 years old/  wholesale trading form/ secretary and assistant)

  • “I get the feeling of cuteness.”     (25 years old/ medical supplies and cosmetics/ engineering industry)

The most given response was that “pink is cute.” It is a popular color among women, and men feel might also feel that it is a feminine color.

Third Place, Black

  • “It looks sexy.”   (30 years old/ information technology/ engineering industry)

  • “It has the feel of elegance.”     (27 years old/ retail shop/ marketing and service)

  • “Since it’s the standard, it seems like it fills me the most with a feeling of surprise.” (30 years old/ Public service and government administration/ office work profession)

The difference between black, white and pink is the good impression of a mature atmosphere. Even though the impact is strong, it is very useful in times when you want to change the mood.

Fourth Place, Red

  • “It stirs up sexual desire.” (31 years old/ financing and securities/ profession)

  • “It can be passionate and cool.” (28 years old/ public service and government administration organization/ office work profession)

There are many men who are a little turned on by red and black alike. Maybe you’ll be able to use those colors during times in which you want to lure in a man?!

Fifth Place, Blue

  • “It has sort of a pure feel, and it is infatuating.” ( 27 years old/ in school for training relating to education/ office work profession)

  • “It’s a light color and I start to want to touch it a little.”  (26 years old/ engineering relating to bicycles)

It seems white, like light colors, gives the impression of purity. Usually, in times when you want to give more of a cute appeal, colors that are a bit different are good.

This time we collected comparisons of standard popular colors of underwear. For people who are thinking to buy some new underwear, if there are colors that you don’t yet have, it might be better to give those a try.

This was a web questionnaire given by My Navi Woman in December of 2013. The number of valid answers was 154 from working men between the ages of 21 and 33.


Now to flip the question, what are underwear colors you guys prefer in men? Does underwear color even matter?! Do you care what men think about your underwear color choice?

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