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Ai Hashimoto hanging out all night in Shinjuku & punches a signboard (FRIDAY)

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FRIDAY ran an article about Ai Hashimoto's private life in its December 13 issue.

According to the article, Ai Hashimoto finished watching Atsuko Maeda's movie Moratorium Tamako at 11pm and started walking the neon district of Shinjuku by herself without any cap or mask on to disguise herself. She then suddenly punched a signboard on the sidewalk then moved on to the subway and disappeared near the apartment of her rumored boyfriend.

"Hashimoto is only 17 years old. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths, a person under the age of 18 walking alone from 11pm to 4am without a valid reason is subject to vocational guidance. If Hashimoto ever runs into this sort of trouble, this will definitely affect the projects in which she is involved."

FRIDAY got a scoop on Hashimoto last May with actor Motoki Ochiai where they spent time together at an apartment until late at night. Josei Seven then reported Hashimoto having a date with an actor 14 years older than her, Gou Ayano, at a cafe.

"Hashimoto-san was previously reported to have been drinking under the legal age at the bar she went to with Motoki Ochiai (her agency denied this and insisted that she only had soft drinks) and gave the public a bad image of her. And so most people didn't get surprised with the new reports. But punching a signboard isn't a womanly thing to do. Maybe she got irritated with Maeda-san's movie...... Her agency basically allows her to have her freedom when it comes to her private life, but she should behave better, at least until she graduates from high school." - (showbiz writer)

Hashimoto has already been cast in the movies Otona Drop and Kiseijuu for next year, and it will be troubling times for the movie producers if she gets any more scandals.

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