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Rollerskates and Schoolgirl Uniforms at GACKT's Camui Gakuen Tour

GACKT hosted his school festival tour – the 90th Camui Gakuen de Semenasai. It began on 11/23 in Osaka at the ACT Hall, continued to Nagoya and then moved to the Kanto area at the Chiba Port Arena with three consecutive performances being held from December 12th.

(Performing Hikaru Genji's "Starlight" on rollerskates)

In 2009 it began as a fanclub only event, but now it is open to everyone as an open campus. Wearing school uniform and black glasses, GACKT has created an event based around the concept of a school festival and a fictional academy that he is the wealthy student president of. In accordance with the school motto of “serious play, serious study, tackle everything without holding back” the event really covers everything and anything. Of course those attending and staff adhere to the school uniform dress code and the tour goods, known as the purchasing department, are school related items. There is also a student cafeteria that sells food and drink. During regular tours you cannot experience this, it is unique to the Gakuensai theme. Because the theme is taken seriously, it can be enjoyed from the bottom of your heart. This is serious adult play, created by GACKT.

The event was truly fully loaded. School began with the chime of the school bell to start the first part of the show and this was followed by the Camui Gakuen anthem. The Vice Principal's address explained the unique words to be used during the show, such as “kashikomari” for yes and “arigataki” for thank you. After this, the son of the Chairman of the academy's board of directors, Seito Kaicho Kamui Gakuto (GACKT) walked slowly through the fan seating down a red carpet, while encouraging cries of “Kaicho!” rang through the air.

(Kaicho addresses the crowd)

After Kaicho greeted the audience, an award ceremony to choose Miss and Mister Gakuen from the 1.3million users of GACKT's Official LINE Account that had previously applied was held.

(HOTEI "Thrill")

(TM Revolution "White Breath")

(GACKT "Jounetsu no Inazuma)

Next, the band members and dancers known as “F9” performed a skit and a short intermission was held before the second half began. The second half, the live of a mischievous and light hearted copy band with GACKT on main vocals known as SUPER EXCELLENT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN JAPAN, or SEX JAPAN for short, began. Because it was a school festival, we were able to hear GACKT sing the songs of many other artists. Songs such as T.M. Revolution's “WHITE BREATH” and a B'z Medley were sang enthusiastically and introduced with casual MCs. After this, while wearing female clothing, songs by artists such as KARA and BIG BANG were performed in a K-POP section with dance routines that the audience loved.

(Hayato and Val from DuelJewel)

(Val, Sato, Takumi, Hayato and YOU perform "Mister" by KARA)

(GACKT performing "Fantastic Baby" by BIG BANG)

After some hard training, a song by the 1980's super idol group Hikaru Genji was performed on rollerskates. Every year GACKT dresses up as YOSHIKI for the X-Japan covers and drums violently and this time a surprise guest appeared on stage to much excitement from the crowd.

Although they are a covers band, each performance and dance is a high level and complete copy. This school festival that is focused on complete entertainment and is different from the usual serious and composed GACKT lives will be held at Xebio Arena in Sendai on 12/22.

After that, GACKT will appear with the Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra on 12/26 for GACKT x Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra “Kirei Naru Classic no Yuube”. On 2014/2/12, a two track new single called “P.S. I LOVE U” will be released. At the beginning of March, a photobook of last year's tour “GACKT LIVE TOUR 2013 BEST OF THE BEST” will be released and on 3/26 2 DVDs and Blu-rays from the same tour will come out. Furthermore, a sequel to the 2012 play “MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden-” that GACKT wrote, produced and starred in will be held.

Original source BARKS and OGYD

Having been to the shows I can say that GACKT looks great in his AKB inspired schoolgirl outfit but his dancing needs some work...
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