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Music Station Super Live participants

TV Asahi's year-end music special MUSIC STATION Super Live 2013 (12/27 19:00~23:10) announced its 32 participants this year, where the highlight will be the one night reunion special of GLAY×EXILE. GLAY×EXILE released the single SCREAM in 2005 (highest chart position of 1st, total sales of 550,000). They performed together last September at TV Asahi's Dream Festival, but this will be their only performance on TV. This will also be EXILE's HIRO's final appearance on Music Station.

Other artists who will be making their first appearance on Super Live are wolf band MAN WITH A MISSION, L'arc~en~Ciel's hyde and Oblivion Dust guitarist K.A.Z.'s rock unit VAMPS, E-Girls, miwa, 3rd Gen. J Soul Brothers, and Golden Bomber.

Number in ( ) indicates the number of appearances on Super Live
aiko (15), Arashi (15), Ikimonogakari (8), E-Girls (1), AKB48 (5), EXILE (10), KAT-TUN (9), Kanjani8 (7), Kis-My-Ft2 (3), KinKi Kids (13), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (2), GLAY (9), GLAY×EXILE (1), Kobukuro (8), Golden Bomber (1), Kazuyoshi Saito (3) 3rd gen. J Soul Brothers (1), JUJU (5), SMAP (18), SEKAI NO OWARI (2) TOKIO (20), Kana Nishino (5), Ayumi Hamasaki (13), Perfume (6), VAMPS (1), Hey!Say!JUMP (7), Porno Graffitti (14), Atsuko Maeda (2), MAN WITH A MISSION (1), miwa (1), Momoiro Clover Z (2), Yuzu (5).

* Participants are subject to change without prior notice.

It'll be tough to bear this for 4 hours just so I can watch VAMPS and MWAM

The drop in quality from last year is astounding

No B'z? Too bad.

TOKIO (20)

Wow, they're like "dons" of the industry

Kazuyoshi Saito and Yuzu only for me.
I hope they included Sakurako Ohara.

I want to see Himuro×GLAY as well

Nothing new here. It's still the usual set of performers.

What the heck is this↓
Are they looking down on us?

Arashi (15)
KinKi Kids(13)
Kanjani8 (7)
Hey! Say! JUMP(7)

>> So TackeyTsuba, Yamashita, NEWS, ABCZ aren't included, huh

And then there's no Southern, B'z and Fukuyama, the bigwigs of the industry

Is it alright for TERU and hyde to be on the same program?
>> Both of them sing the other band's songs live, you know

Sakanaction should've made it in here.
Daichi Miura too.

So it's not L'Arc this year, huh..
That's one thing gone from the things I look forward to once a year.

No B'z or MisChil, huh.
Looks like nothing to watch for the middle-aged~elderly.
If GLAY performs old classics then the middle school~highschoolers will probably switch channels, but the middle-aged~elderly will probably watch.

B'z sang 4 songs on one regular episode last June while MisChil only released one online single this year.
Fukuyama probably isn't in here because of the Countdown Live that's also happening around that date?

>> Fukuyama has a concert in Yokohama on the same day

No B'z or MisChil...
Last year was good.

The performers are all the same on every music program w

Who'll sing last?
The most beautiful way would be either Kuwata, B'z, or MisChil to sing last as Joshima and Tamori close the show.

It's a "miss" this year

They even said that last year's show was more extravagant than the Kouhaku...
Rather, I'm surprised that there's an indicator now on the number of times they've been on Super Live ( ).

Looks like it can't beat FNS
>> Be it good or bad, that show was pretty impressive.
VAMPS is the only thing worth watching here.

It's all Johnny's, huh w
And then there's no SKE, NMB, and Nogizaka w
Looks like M-Station can't read the situation.
I don't feel like watching anything other than AKB.

It's the usual performers huh.
I'd watch it if Janne Da Arc would perform.

No Super Girls or Nogizaka?

So the ones from Johnny's who won't be in this are TackeyTsuba, Tomohisa Yamashita, NEWS, Sexy Zone, ABCZ

You guys will complain, but if there's no Johnny's or AKB, the ratings will be horribly low

Looks like it's getting lamer every year.
You probably can't do anything about Southern, B'z, and MisChil, but even Fukuyama isn't in it this year?

Nothing else to see other than Kana Nishino...

I wanted them to guest MISIA

I'm waiting for Southern, B'z, MisChil, Spitz, L'Arc, and GLAY to be together on one program

Hello world, this is Japan!!!
Single sales ranking best 30 2010~2013

*1 1,933,454 AKB48 / Sayonara Crawl
*2 1,822,220 AKB48 / Manatsu no Sounds good! 
*3 1,625,849 AKB48 / Flying Get 
*4 1,608,299 AKB48 / Everyday, Katyusha
*5 1,457,113 AKB48 / Kaze wa fuiteiru  
*6 1,436,519 AKB48 / GIVE ME FIVE!
*7 1,316,240 AKB48 / Gingham Check
*8 1,304,903 AKB48 / Ue kara Mariko 
*9 1,261,890 AKB48 / UZA 
10 1,204,308 AKB48 / Eien Pressure 
11 1,123,496 AKB48 / So long 
12 1,081,686 AKB48 / Sakura no ki ni narou 
13 1,039,362 AKB48 / Beginner 
14 *,880,761 AKB48 / Heavy Rotation 
15 *,874,990 Arashi / Calling/Breathless 
16 *,740,291 AKB48 / Ponytail to shushu 
17 *,707,030 Arashi / Monster 
18 *,701,686 Arashi / Troublemaker 
19 *,694,842 AKB48 / Chance no Junban
20 *,693,869 Arashi / Hatenai Sora 
21 *,671,623 SKE48 / Choco no dorei
22 *,650,102 Arashi / Wild at heart
23 *,647,391 Arashi / Meikyuu love song 
24 *,627,523 Arashi / Love Rainbow 
25 *,625,935 Arashi / Lotus
26 *,619,940 Arashi / Face Down 
27 *,598,790 Arashi / Dear Snow 
28 *,598,011 SKE48 / Kiss datte hidarikiki
29 *,592,947 SKE48 / Kataomoi Finally 
30 *,581,874 SKE48 / Aishiteraburu! 

Did they just get over-exposed on TV?

8 Johnny's groups. As expected of a program that exists to improve the status of these Johnny's talents.

I watched Music Station Super Live back in the day because of all the extravagant guests

And we may complain, but we still end up watching all these year-end music festivals. Yep.

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