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Japanese cat owner illustrates the many sleeping positions of our feline friends


As winter grows deeper and colder, the bed is one of our safe havens of warmth and comfort. The same can be said for our feline companions that snuggle into bed with us to seek refuge from the winter chill. As they cuddle up to our warm bodies the cats morph into various and interesting positions. Have you experienced the same with your own cat? Check out these adorable pictures and compare!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Here we have the “nether regions battle” position! The cat is ready to protect your most precious commodities. Make sure you don’t startle the cat though or you might be in for some pain.

This position is delightfully called, “the butt invader.” I’m not sure if I would want to be down wind like that.

Lastly we have the position called, “Total Control.” The cat slowly pushes you toward the edge of the bed and the cold. I’m not a cat owner but I imagine it can’t be far from the truth! After all, cats treat you like property right?

One Japanese Twitter user commented, “It’s like an iron curtain of containment.” Another user said, “It’s a cat hot water bottle! I want it!” Another netizen claimed that the images were so accurate they were moved to tears upon witnessing the harsh reality of their relationship with their cat. But these positions are not limited to Japanese cats. Cats all over the world share the same quirky curiosities as shown in these related images posted by Japanese netizens.

If there is anything that these images demonstrate well, it’s that cats are the true rulers of their domain, no matter what their master thinks. The cute little puff balls can be so adorable that we often forget what is really going on. One user gave us a nice reality check when he said, “The cat just gets in the way and I can’t sleep. To top it all off, the cat scratches me early in the morning and wakes me up!”

But we will forgive them and let them work their mysterious, irresistible feline charm on us, even if the trade-off is bloody scratches and a lack of sleep.


my cat/s usually sleeps on my crotch(nether regions battle), my butt(butt invader) and on my pillows(pillow takeover) xD
hbu feline lovers of arama?

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