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List of songs to be performed at the 64th Kouhaku revealed

The songs to be performed by the 51 artists at the 64th Annual Kouhaku Uta Gassen have been announced.

<Red team>
E-girls:E-girls Kouhaku Special Medley 2013
Ikimonogakari : Egao
Sayuri Ishikawa : Tsugaru Kaikyo - Fuyugeshiki
AKB48:Kouhaku 2013SP~AKB48 Festival!~
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu : Kouhaku2013 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Medley
Kaori Kouzai : Sake no yado
Natsuko Godai : Kinmokusei
Fuyumi Sakamoto:Otoko no himatsuri
Mariko Takahashi:for you...
Yoshimi Tendo:Furusato Ginga
DREAMS COME TRUE:Saa kane wo narase
AAA:Koi oto to Amazora
Kana Nishino:Sayonara
Perfume:Magic of Love
Ayumi Hamasaki:INSPIRE
Ayako Fuji:Akai Ito
Seiko Matsuda:New Year's Eve Special Love Song Medley 2013
Nana Mizuki:-Kakumei 2013- Kouhaku Special Collaboration
Kaori Mizumori:Ise Meguri
miwa:Hikari he
Momoiro Clover Z:Momoiro Kouhaku 2013 daZ!!
Akiko Wada:Ima demo anata

<White team>

Arashi:New Year’s Eve Medley 2013
Shigeru Izumiya:Shunkashuutou 2014
Hiroshi Itsuki:Hakata A la mode
EXILE:EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Ai suru Tame~
Kanjani8:Kouhaku 2do me! Yobarete tobidete jyejyejyejye!!!
Saburo Kitajima:Matsuri
Chris Hart:New Year’s Eve Special Love Song Medley 2013
Hiromi Gou:Bang Bang
Golden Bomber:Memeshikute
Kobukuro:Ima, saki hokoru hanatachi yo
3rd Gen J Soul Brothers:Fuyu monogatari
Sexy Zone:Sexy heiwa Zone kumikyoku
T.M.Revolution:-Kakumei 2013- Kouhaku Special Collaboration
Hideaki Tokunaga:Yume wo shinjite
Kiyoshi Hikawa:Manten no hitomi
Kohei Fukuda:Nanbu semi shigure
Masaharu Fukuyama:2013 special medley
Takashi Hosokawa:Naniwabushi dayo jinsei wa 2013
Porno Graffitti:Seishun Hanamichi
Akihiro Miwa:Furusato no sora no shita ni
Shinichi Mori:Erimo misaki
Yuzu:Ame nochi Hareruya
Linked Horizon:Guren no yumiya [Kouhaku special ver.]

Which means TM and Mizuki will perform as a set, huh

The usual ones who have no hit songs will be performing medleys

The first song will come from the red team's Ayumi Hamasaki

Golden Bomber will sing "Memeshikute" again this year, huh w

Too many medleys

The number of medleys have increased.
That's not a good sign.

>> They think that the ratings will go down if they let the viewers hear the same song for a long time.
Tokunaga also released a new song this year that isn't a cover, but they're not letting them sing it.

So Nishikawa and Nana Mizuki will be performing the duet for Valvrave?

My kid is looking forward to "Guren no yumiya".
I don't care about the rest.

E-Girls : E-Girls Kouhaku special medley 2013

I don't know any of their songs but they get to sing a medley.

Ayumi Hamasaki : INSPIRE ← what's this? Well, the most recent Tales is the only one I know.

> Hideaki Tokunaga: Yume wo shinjite

Wow-, I want to see this one

About 20% of both the Red and White teams are more like dancers than singers

Yuzu probably had to decide whether to sing the N-con song or the one from Gochisousan. So they decided on the latter, huh? I think it's the first time in history that an N-con song won't be performed at the Kouhaku.

Sayuri Ishikawa, Mariko Takahashi, Shigeru Izumiya, Saburo Kitajima, Golden Bomber, TOKIO, Hideaki Tokunaga, Takashi Hosokawa, Shinichi Mori

I'm a 40-y/o man but these songs are the only ones I know.
There really aren't a lot of hit songs anymore, huh.

Sexy Zone: Sexy Heiwa Zone Kumikyoku

I'm soooo looking forward to this w

Hm? Sakanaction won't be singing "Aoi"?
>> They did say that it will be "Aoi" when their participation was confirmed

Even TOKIO won't be singing the new song "Lyric", but an old song, huh.

Hideaki Tokunaga : Yume wo shinjite

This is the only one to watch

They should ban medleys and differently arranged versions.
It gets boring if you see the artists you like keep doing things like this.

They should've decreased Johnny's and AKB and made Yuzu sing 2 songs instead

I think AKB should just stick to KoiTune.
SayoCrawl, Suzukake, Ereki were all like thin air.

So the finale will be going to Sabu-chan who'll do "Matsuri"?
That does feel like the year-ender w

Golden Bomber to sing the same song for 2 straight years wwwwwwwwww
>> Can't be helped, it's the no. 1 song on karaoke this year

I understood how Golden Bomber performed last year, but why are they in it again this year?
>> Because there's still no one who has taken the place of Golden Bomber.
It's the same for MomoClo.
Because there's no metabolism in the industry, and new acts haven't emerged yet.

Let's ban artists from singing the same song 2 years in a row, shall we

The White team has more participants this year so I thought that T.M.Nishikawa and Nana Mizuki would be performing a duet, but I didn't include Chris Hart and Seiko Matsuda's duet in the count. Now the numbers don't add up again.

The women lack 1 performer.
"Shiosai no Memory", probably?

>> Kyoko Koizumi declined the offer so they weren't able to announce her name back then.
Yakushimaru also declined, and they're apparently trying to negotiate once again with Koizumi.

It's nothing but medleys.
Looks like the Kouhaku is at its limit.

I'd be happy if I just get to watch LinHora and Miwa-san.
It would be even better if they gave the performance order and the schedule as well w

Golden Bomber, that's sad.
They're just totally 1-hit wonders, huh.

It would really get exciting if Hamasaki sang "Rollin"

I'll change the channel after seeing Chris Hart

I'm only looking forward to seeing how Linked Horizon will be presented.
I hope the young guys in the White team wear this certain army outfit and go wild at the back... I guess not.

>> Recreate the anime OP

Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to stand the atmosphere in the living room during "Guren no Yumiya" so I'll go take a bath during that time

That's fine, Nana Mizuki is more embarrassing than Linked Horizon

Singing one of their old popular songs ww
So TOKIO have now reached the level of enka singers, huh?

Will Arashi do the dance step where they hold their crotches?
The dance where it's like they're stopping their pee from coming out www

Hamasaki will once again be the top batter and wear a wedding dress

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