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7:52 pm - 12/25/2013

Manami Shigetome chosen as Flower's new leader


The group that has just released their 6th single today, celebrated a release event at Lazona-Kawasaki where they  announced that, after discussing it with HIRO, a new leader has been elected.

Manami Shigetome is the new leader of the group. After Erina Mizuno left, it wasn't clear whether they would continue without a leader or choose a new one; it seems that at the end, they decided they needed one and chose one of the 3 remaining original members of Flower. Along with Shuuka Fuji and Mio Nakajima, Manami has been a member of the group ever since April 2010, when they were just a dancing unit under EXPG.

Flower will release their first self-titled studio album, compiling all their singles till the date on January 22th 2014. With more activities under E-Girls ahead next year, such as a new single, a tour and a drama featuring 3 of Flower members (along with 5 other members from E-Girls), it seems that Manami will start her activities as a leader being busy already.

At the rhythm LDH is pushing its acts to release lately (except for Happiness and Dream) and their sells increasing, we can expect her to lead the group through a few more single releases and maybe an early second album.

Sources: LDHtokyo Twitter | EXILE FAN's community twitter | FY-LDH Tumblr

itskimbitches 26th-Dec-2013 06:12 pm (UTC)
Ewww not with those wonky eyes....
nikattun 26th-Dec-2013 08:02 pm (UTC)
Not expecting its her. I barely know her among Flower. And not to mention, I follow them more than Happiness. I saw Shuuka or Mio more to be a leader than her.

Oh well anyways, this all boils down to missing Erina-chan ;____; </3
unguanime 27th-Dec-2013 10:48 am (UTC)
Nobody can replace Erina in my heart, but, who knows? Maa-chan might be a good leader too. Besides, us, fans, can't possibly know whether she's the perfect one or not. Only the members and staffs know. So stop bashing, okay? I'm so pissed that there are people doubting Maa-chan without knowing her in person.
And, by the way, physical appearance has nothing to do with leadership!!!!
okadarei 27th-Dec-2013 01:04 pm (UTC)
I also liked Erina a lot as a performer and a leader. Manami is one of my favourite members, the original members always seem to get more spotlight, but Manami seems to get less screen time that Shuuka or even Mio. However, she's one of the best dancers in the group, and I am sure this factor along with her being an original member were also important to have her elected as the new leader.

Thanks for the positive comment inspite you will also miss Erina.
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