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Kimura Takuya to Star in TV Asahi’s Period Drama Special

It was announced that SMAP‘s Kimura Takuya will star in TV Asahi‘s 55th anniversary offering in a special drama titled “Musashi Miyamoto“. The 2-part special drama is based from Yoshikawa Eiji‘s novel of the same title, which depicts Musashi’s life as a swordsman that captured the heart of Japanese people.

The drama will highlight Musashi’s battle with his rival Sasaki Kojiro in “Battle of Ganryujima“; as well as Musashi’s 3-part battle with the Yoshioka clan. Although Musahi is seen like “Superman”, the drama will show that the real life hero also has weaknesses, frustrations, as well his struggles to advance.

Yokochi Ikuei, the drama’s producer, considered Kimura for the role because he is the only one who could show the strength of Musashi together with his mysterious charm.

Also, expect the actions scenes to be different from the conventional period drama. Kimura, who practiced Kendo back in Elementary school, is set to challenge “wire action”; CG will also be in full use; and a 10 minute sword fight will be included. Known action director, Tanigaki Kenji, who was responsible for the action scenes in “Rurouni Kenshin”; as well other Hollywood action movies, will be responsible for the intense fight scenes that will beautifully highlight the drama.

It has been 19 years since Kimura starred in a TV Asahi drama with “Kimi wa Toki no Kanata e” and 8 years since Kimura acted in a period  movie with Yamada Yoji’s “Bushi no ichibun”.

Musashi Miyamoto” have started filming in Kyoto and will air on March 2014.


This is obviously a way for KimuTaku to "redeem" himself after andoroido was such a ratings fail. Oh, this also proves that TV Asahi not hiring Johnny's is just a rumor or they got a huge pay-out. XD

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