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Itano Tomomi, Rola, Honda Tsubasa...Bare Face Beauty Awards 2013

What do your favorite models and actresses look like without makeup? The fashion website Model Press compiled the year's best in makeup-free selfies. Results in under the cut.

In the year of 2013, a large number of entertainers publicized their makeup-less faces. In Model Press, we will pick out these bare-faced beauties and introduce them all to you.

Itano Tomomi
Former AKB48 Member Itano Tomomi publicized her bare face before going to bed. On her blog entry dated the 21st, she spoke of her current status and commented “Well, then goodnight” and included a picture of her bare face. The bare face she publicized this time included glossy, clear feeling beautiful skin was quite conspicuous, and her brown eyes stood out from her face.

On October 18, Rola herself made public a shot of her bare face. “Feeling refreshed in the bath~ o(^^)o Nighty night~,”she wrote, and uploaded one picture. She publicized her natural state with her hair still wet, facing the camera and flashing a piece sign, with absolutely all makeup removed. With no eyeliner or mascara and wide, open eyes, her youthful beautiful skin left a great impression.

Shinoda Mariko
This is Shinoda Mariko who graduated from AKB48 this year. On September 24 on her own personal Twitter account, she announced that she had that particular photo shoot saying “I came back from running around with no makeup on almost soaking wet. Afterwards I’ll be half way there. I will try my best,”releasing the single photo. She faced the camera with bleary eyes, her hair completely wet and wrapped in a towel. While having a bare, defenseless expression, her transparent complexion looked the picture of youthfulness.

Suzuki Emi
On November 10th on her personal blog, the model Suzuki Emi publicized a self-taken photograph of her bare face lamenting, “What’s with my eyebrows not growing~.” Usually she has the impression of wearing dark eye makeup but the bare face publicized this time featured beautiful skin that was glossy and had the feeling of clearness, and her eyes, even without makeup were understood at first glance to be perfectly round. Suzuki got married this year on February 14, and gave birth to her first child, a girl, on October 7th. Looking at the photo her bare face, you can tell that she continued with skin care maintenance just like before she gave birth.  Even with becoming a mother, Suzuki gained attention for going to become more and more beautiful.

Naka Riisa
This Naka Riisa, the actress who entered the family register of Nakao Akiyoshi this year, April 18. Naka, who gave birth to her first child, a son on October 4, wrote on her blog in the same month “Thank you for all of the congratulatory messages,” mentioning gratefulness to the various people who gave her blessings for the birth. With the accompanying bare faced photo that she publicized, she displayed her unchanging glowing, beautiful complexion.

Yamada Yuu
On the entry dated October 23 of Yamada Yuu’s personal blog, she uploaded a post-bath bare-face photo adding “After coming out of the bath, Good night.” With her face having the impression of quietly beautiful white skin, even without make up her eyes stood out.  She gathered high praise from fans who said “That is quite entrancing.”

On the entry dated October 1 of her personal blog, the model Nanao wrote “I just got out of the bath” and published a photo of her bare face. Nanao’s beauty is conspicuous in her complexion which gives the feel of perfect smoothness, and her characteristic eyes.

Masuwaka Tsubasa
The model Masuwaka Tsubasa uploaded a photo of her makeup free visage right after taking a bath in the blog entry from her personal blog dated June 6th.  In the photo, Masuwaka publicized her natural face without her trademark fake eyelashes and color contact lenses along with her smooth, clear complexion. In addition, Masuwaka said “At my house I’m relaxed with my friends so we’re a clique with no makeup.”

Honda Tsubasa
Model and actress Honda Tsubasa published an after-bath makeup free photo on her personal blog on April 9th. Honda has a blushing face from just coming out of the bath along with wet hair that speaks of an innocent expression that she gives off while having translucent skin and charming, large round eyes that boast a presence that doesn’t change even before applying makeup.

Kawaguchi Haruna
The actress Kawaguchi Haruna published on her personal blog a picture of her bare face. She wrote “Sorry for being totally without makeup” and uploaded one photo. Kawaguchi boasts a clean face with a smooth, bright complexion along, a beautiful collar bone and a display of frugality.

Darvish Kenichi
The drummer of the visual kei air band Golden Bomber, Darvish Kenichi published a photo of his light abs and chiseled body on March 3rd. Furthermore, his captured complexion free of the Kabuki-like white make up, the slight peeking of his eyes and the well-structured features  that un-mistakenly can be imagined caused rumors  of “ this guy is actually handsome” to spread on the internet.

And there you have it. Lol at Kenichi though.

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