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NHK's public relations comments on Yuko Oshima's graduation announcement

NHK's public relations gave their comments about Yuko Oshima's announcement of her graduation from AKB48 at the live broadcast of the 64th Kouhaku Uta Gassen on the 31st.

NHK's public relations representative looked surprised and commented, "We at NHK were not informed about this", after AKB48's performance when a reporter asked for comments.

Yuko Oshima suddenly announced her graduation from AKB48 in between songs of their medley.
"This will be my last time performing at the Kouhaku Uta Gassen like this", as they performed AKB's trademark song "Heavy Rotation" with Oshima as the center. Minami Takahashi and Rino Sashihara were in tears during the performance, but Oshima kept smiling throughout the performance. She did seem to have watery eyes during the final pose of the song.

[News flash] It's the end of Oshima

Won't they get banned from NHK for this?

Even Sabu-chan made his announcement beforehand. Who do they think they are?

Don't lie.
There's no way you didn't know about it w

Akimoto: "You really stand out when it's done at the Kouhaku"

This is a lie www
Then how were they able to secure some time to speak in between songs?

>> It's obviously scripted w

There's no way they weren't informed about this.
If they didn't, then there's no way they'd choose an old song like that for their performance.

Oshima haters have suddenly gone up in number because of this.
I guess you reap what you sow.

Something like this should've been within expectations w

If not, then they wouldn't have included it in the recap

NHK's doing as they please with the reception fee that the citizens are paying for

"Oi, oi, oi, oi, we didn't hear about this~!"

NHK knew about this.
They shouldn't have cooperated with the group in making headlines like this.

Including an old song like "Heavy Rotation" in the list, making time to give comments in between songs, and the camera was focusing Yuko Oshima all the time.

There's no way NHK didn't know about this.

Poor Sabu-chan www

They should've really chosen another date for this.
They ruined the stage that was set for their huge senpai in the industry w

"Heavy Rotation" was a 2010 song, and they performed it this year because it's a song with Oshima as the center. This was all planned from the start.

The public relations may not know about it, but the producer does

You guys always say things like "scripted" or "attention-seekers", and I think you're all cute for believing something like this
>> It's the same difference. The only thing in question here is who's at fault: NHK, Akimoto, or Oshima.

A presumptuous woman who just overlapped her own graduation with Saburo Kitajima's graduation.

They misappropriated the program for their own

Don't lie NHK.
You just used that clip in the recap towards the end.

But the cameras all knew where to focus.
Why would they make an obvious lie like this?

NHK just lied again
NHK approved of this
Yuko Oshima's sudden graduation announcement: "I feel so refreshed"

Oshima explained: "There would be MC in between songs this time, and I've been thinking about graduating for quite some time now, so when I thought that this would be my final Kouhaku, I wondered if I could announce it during the MC break".
"I talked this over with Akimoto-sensei right before our actual performance, and Akimoto-sensei talked to an NHK producer, got approval, and I was able to announce it."

>> So NHK knew about it but Sabu-chan didn't, huh
>> Kitajima's side wouldn't have approved of this so NHK decided not to tell them.

That's what we're saying, it's all an act that Akimoto and NHK have agreed on.

There's no way NHK doesn't know about it w

But they even included the graduation announcement in the highlights towards the end.
So I don't think that NHK didn't hear about it.

So on top of approving this graduation announcement, NHK even lied that they didn't hear about it?
That's the worst.

If NHK really weren't aware of this, then there's no way they would have selected "Heavy Rotation".
I was already expecting something like Fortune Cookie where they would force everyone in attendance to dance along which would have led to mixed reactions.
All signs here point to the fact that NHK knew about it.

They were in cahoots with NHK, huh?

So even NHK would lend a helping hand to the AKB business model...

The production staff knew about it, but public relations didn't have a clue, huh

It's all for the sake of higher ratings.

They just included this important announcement from AKB as a surprise.

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