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KAT-TUN Appear on Sakurai Sho's Program "Ima Kono Kao ga Sugoi"; Obvious Jokes are Made

On the ninth of this month, the new, re-vamped version of Sakurai Sho's variety show "Ima Kono Kao ga Sugoi" aired. The show had been suffering from poor ratings and was given a new concept in hope of boosting the ratings. Several comedians guest starred along with KAT-TUN.

The comedians made the obvious jokes, referring to the fact that five members were not present. Otherwise, the show was typical variety fare. The show featured various segments including a segment about various types of fanservice done by various Johnny's groups during their concerts and a segment about the private lives of the comedians.

Personally I thought the show was a bit disjointed and didn't really seem to have a focus. There were some chuckle worthy moments but I didn't really think KAT-TUN and Sakurai had much chemistry. Probably too many people on stage at once. I also don't think Ariyoshi really contributed much... Anyway, time will tell what will become of this show. I thought the past season was more interesting because each episode actually seemed to have a singular focus, while this one kind of jumped around with the different topics.
Tags: arashi, johnnys entertainment, kat-tun, sakurai sho

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