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Ayaka Sasaki Breaks Leg, Promises to be Healed by Tokyo National Stadium


Normally it’s good luck to tell performers to break a leg before a performance… but that may hit a little too close to home for Ayaka Sasaki.

Sasaki, of J-pop Idol group Momoiro Clover Z, has reported sustaining a broken leg from a fall at home this week and will temporarily suspend physical activity so she can heal. The injury, which is being reported to take 3 weeks to heal, will not take a hit on her daily life and all planned Momoiro Clover Z events will continue with Sasaki refraining from dancing.

Fans of Momoiro Clover Z worry for the performer as the group is set to make their historic debut at Tokyo National Stadium mid-March. ”I definitely want to perform at Tokyo National Stadium, and I think I’ll be in perfect shape to perform by then!” Sasaki enthusiastically announced during the MomoCloTV U-Stream event held today ”Everyone please watch over me until then. Thank you for all your well wishes!”


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