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Preview of Kis-My-Ft2's 10th single "Hikari no Signal"

It was announced that the release date for Kis-My-Ft2's 10th single "Hikari no Signal" will be released on March 5.

As we reported previously, the title track has been chosen as the theme song to the movie "Doraemon New Nobita's Great Demon Haunt ~Peko the Adventure Squad of Five~" set to premiere on March 8.

Kis-My-Ft2 member Tamamori Yuta commented that, "Doraemon is a popular anime that has been around since way before we were born and I personally love it, so I am really honored." He also said of the new single, "It is a fast-beat song about "being optimistic and moving forward. I hope everyone from children to adults can enjoy it!"

The single will be released in a first press limited edition A (Kis-My-Ft2 edition), limited edition B (Doraemon collaboration edition) as well as a regular edition. The Doraemon edition will feature illustrations of Kisumai members. The DVD that come with the limited edition B will include the Doraemon version of the music video for "Hikari no Signal".

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