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Japanese Comedians More Popular than Johnny's? Sakurai Sho x KAT-TUN Episode Concludes

In the continuation of the previous episode of Sakurai Sho's "Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi," the comedians and Johnny's talents (Sakurai and KAT-TUN) continued their contest to see who is superior. They challenged each other in a variety of aspects, including who is the most athletic, who gives the best acting performances, who has the best senpais among other things. During the show, Ueda showed off his boxing and rope climbing skills and clips were shown of outstanding performances given in movies and dramas by the comedians/entertainers. One that particularly stood out was the comedians' claim that they were more popular than Johnny's. It was said that Johnny's are popular because they are cute, but many of the comedians were married and many comedians and entertainers manage to marry beautiful wives, even without being particularly good looking. There was then a clip shown of various comedians who married former idols and other other attractive female celebrities.

However, in the end, the Johnny's Team ending up winning in a landslide. So while the comedians might have an easier time getting married than Johnny's, the Johnny's proved to be superior in the end (at least on this show).

Tags: johnnys entertainment, kat-tun, sakurai sho, tv: variety show

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