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Studio Ghibli's "The Wind Rises" nominated for an Academy Award

On the 16th, the Academy Awards--celebrating their 86th year--announced candidates for each category in Los Angeles. Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises" has been nominated as one of five candidates in the "Best Animated Feature Film" award category. In addition to being nominated this year, Miyazaki was nominated in 2003 for "Spirited Away" (it won), and in 2006 for "Howl's Moving Castle", making this his third nomination.

"I'm thankful. It is a great honor that my last movie has been nominated for an Academy Award." Hayao Miyazaki said in response to the nomination. "I'm happy with the overseas response, and it is an honor for all the staff involved in the movie. Thank you to everyone who helped me and made me successful. I'm glad a lot of people in the United States have noticed my work."

"The Wind Rises" premiered in theaters in July of 2013, bringing in 9.6 million people and 11.9 billion yen.

Shuhei Morita and Sunrise's "Possessions" ("Tsukumo") anime short also received a nomination in the Animated Short Film category.

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