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SPICY CHOCOLATE break a record on Recochoku

Japanese reggae unit SPICY CHOCOLATE have achieved a new record on Japan's biggest digital music distribution platform Recochoku. Their more than one year old love song "Zutto fea. HAN-KUN & TEE" has managed to simultaneously stay on the first place of the digital singles and chaku-uta charts for five consecutive weeks.

The song is a collaboration between SPICY CHOCOLATE's central musician KATSUYUKI a.k.a. DJ CONTROLER, Shonan no Kaze's HAN-KUN, and singer-songwriter TEE. It was released as part of the 'SHIBUYA RAGGA SWEET COLLECTION 2' album in September 2012.

NTT DoCoMo appointed the heartrending love song as the theme song for their new emotional winter commercial (clip above) in November 2013, which soon resulted in it skyrocketing towards the top of the digital charts. Before the commercial, the highest chart position of the song had been the 19th rank.

No other song has managed to simultaneously stay on the top of both of Recochoku's main rankings for five consecutive weeks since the platform's opening in December 2010. It can easily be described as the number one love song of the current smartphone era.

"Zutto fea. HAN-KUN & TEE" will also be featured in the unit's upcoming best album titled 'ZUTTO SPICY CHOCOLATE! ~BEST OF SHIBUYA RAGGA SWEET COLLECTION' that is set to be released on February 12th.

Tokyohive, originally Sanspo

Not new news but I was curious about the song's popularity before. A suitable song for Christmas and wintry season.
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